AS923-Japan details for xDot

LBT (Listen Before Talk) is enabled by default in the xDot AS923-Japan channel plan. Join is sent on DR2 per AS923 channel plan.

Default Channels per LoRaWAN:

923.2 and 923.4

Five additional channels are sent to device on OTAA join, these are configured at the network server.

Our defaults in Conduit AS923 are:

ADR datarates are controlled by the network server and should be limited to DR2-DR5, as our AS923-Japan Conduit provides.

DR2 - SF10BW125
DR3 - SF9BW125
DR4 - SF8BW125
DR5 - SF7BW125

MaxEIRP and Dwelltime parameters are sent to device in first downlink following OTAA join response.

Rx1 uses the Tx Frequency and Datarate
Rx2 uses 923.2 and DR2 by default.