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Analog Data and Fax Models


Fax Servers

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Analog Modems

Analog data modems are a cost-effective way to add Internet access to equipment that doesn’t require, or doesn’t support, wireless connectivity.

MultiTech analog data modems connect legacy equipment to the IP network easily and affordably with PSTN connectivity.

Now may be the time to review your connectivity roadmap and transition strategy. Analog data line costs continue to rise and line quality has been declining. MultiTech offers a broad portfolio of embedded analog modems and devices that provide a seamless migration to all major Cellular, Low-Power Wide Area & Personal Area Networks. Learn more.


MultiModem® ZDX

Get the highest-speed dial-up for integrated data and fax communications for the PC market and UNIX, medical and retail point of sale (POS) applications. (MT5656ZDX Series) Learn more.

  • Access the Internet at the fastest dial-up speeds

  • Improves data throughput rates

  • Small footprint and stackable design


SocketModem® (MTxxxx-SMI Series) embedded analog data modem integrates data/fax at high speed over a standard telephone line. Small size allows OEMs to integrate in any product platform.

  • High-speed data over standard phone line

  • Easy integration and migration to future networks

SocketEthernet IP®

SocketEthernet IP® (MT100SEM Series) connects serial devices to IP networks to remotely monitor, control and configure your equipment. Universal Socket enables migration to future networks.

  • Securely monitor equipment over an IP network

  • Adds enhanced M2M functions including persistent connectivity

  • Easy integration and migration to future networks