Info Ag Conference and IoT Prototype to Production Workshop

MultiTech is a proud sponsor and exhibitor of the 2017 Info Ag Conference, being held in St. Louis, MO. Stop by our booth (#63) to learn about the MultiTech devices that can be found on farms and agribusiness solutions around the world. Learn more about our products for the ag sector. 

Listen in on the AgTech IOT – Deploying sensor networks using Low Power Wide Area Networking (LPWAN) panel session

If you're considering a Low Power Wide Ara Network (LPWA) you can listen in as Michael Finegan, Director of IoT Business Development, gives you a clear picture of what IoT in agriculture looks like. 

  • In this talk, Michael Finegan will focus on public and private network communication options for agricultural deployments. He will review cellular and long range RF solutions, including LoRaWAN, Sigfox, Ingenu, and NB IOT, and compare link budget, bandwidth, and power efficiency. In addition to the physical characteristics, he will discuss how various technologies are positioned in the marketplace and will talk about deployment types, utilizing aggregation methods that use gateways and concentrators, allowing companies to process data locally. Discover at what point the LPWA topology needs to transition from a campus area network to a macro network. Developers will learn about specific pre-certified system-on-modules and how to deploy them within a hybrid network. A review of the important role that microcontrollers play in developing sensor-based networks and how various controllers impact the overall power consumption will be discussed. Understand how to use of scripts and applications to process data on the edge of the network, allowing devices to create actionable data, versus packet forwarding to the cloud.  Growers and AgTech enthusiast will learn some best practices about how to leverage crowdsourcing platforms to move from prototype to production quickly.
  • ​Date and time: Tuesday July 25 from 1pm to 3pm, with a panel discussion to close the session. 


Attend the hands on workshop

If you want a hands on experience with IoT join MultiTech, Senet, and myDevices for our LPWA Prototype to Production Workshop.  We invite developers and engineers to learn how to start the development of loT commercial solutions using pre-certified LoRaWAN hardware platforms and to quickly create new “connected prototypes”

This workshop guides programmers and tech professionals on how to crowdsource libraries for sensors and peripherals using a cloud-based IDE. Users will learn how to move data from edge sensor/processor to cloud platform as a service using a cellular and Long Range RF LoRa Modules. Product Managers and Business Development Leaders are welcome - learn how to build successful business practices and how to avoid the critical pitfalls of loT development. Industry executives from MultiTech, Senet, and myDevices will be on hand to share valuable insight on developing and managing solutions in the marketplace.

What attendees will learn:
• Rapid prototyping using a cloud based compiler
• Cellular communication to add macro-network
• Crowdsourcing libraries to add drivers from common sensors and peripherals
• How to use an application enablement platform to collect and store IoT data, obtain insights from it, and securely publish the data
• Best practices for “concept-to-commercial” development and launch of loT solutions

Who should attend:
• Programmers that are familiar with C++ want to make their devices ‘connected’
• Business Development Managers focusing on IoT, looking to shorten time-to-market
• Product Managers and Engineers looking to shorten time-to-development for products and services

Workshop will be held on Wednesday, July 26 from 8am to 10am

Space is Limited. Reserve Your Seat Today. Register here. 

We're hoping to meet up with you at the event. For a personal appointment contact Undrea Patterson

Connect with us in our booth and we’ll make a donation on your behalf to Technovation [MN], which brings the Global Technovation Challenge to our home state of Minnesota. Every year, Technovation invites teams of middle school and high school aged girls from all over the world to learn and apply the skills needed to solve real-world problems through technology. Click here to learn more about Technovation [MN].  

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