LoRaWAN® World Expo 2022

July 6-7, 2022 | Palais des Congres de Paris  |  France

Location:  LoRa Alliance® Member Zone

The LoRaWAN World Expo will bring together industry leaders from all parts of the ecosystem for two full days of keynotes, presentations, panel discussions workshops and networking.

Join MultiTech in the exhibit hall where we'll showcase our LoRaWAN products and services. Leveraging the power of LoRa technology, MultiTech has created a portfolio of gateways and embedded end nodes that enable your IoT applications in a myriad of outdoor and indoor use cases. These products were designed to ensure the quickest route to market based on your needs, programming capabilities, preferred use of resources and business focus, in order to deliver a fast return on investment and low total cost of ownership.

Offerings include first-to-market innovations in low power, wireless access and broadband, low-latency communication technologies, machine protocols, integrated sensors and mobile applications which enable monitoring and management of smart assets, durables and industrial consumables.

MultiTech is a founding and committed member of the LoRa Alliance, and a proud sponsor of this event.   

We look forward to seeing you in Paris!   

For a personal appointment with one of our representative, email mtsmktg@multitech.com 


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