IMC IoT Infrastructure Conference, a CES 2021 Partner Program

IoT Technology Fuels Smarter Healthcare, Workplaces and Cars 

January 14, 2021  |  9:30 am to 1:00 pm EST 

The Infrastructure that connects remote devices is revolutionizing how individuals can control their own health & wellness, how businesses and schools can make their workplaces safe from COVID, and how vehicle communications are making our roads safer and more efficient. The IoT Infrastructure Conference will cover the use of AI and machine learning in workplaces and schools, mobile edge compute in medical devices, and 5G connectivity in V2X communications. It’s the IoT layer in the technology stack that holds everything together!

Be sure to register and attend Session I: IoT Makes Schools and Workplaces Safer.  This session will be moderated by Robin Duke Woolley, Founder & CEO of Beecham Research.  He will be joined by four panelists including MultiTech's Sara Brown, Vice President of Marketing. 

Other sessions taking place include: 

  • IoT Enabled Digital Transformation
  • The IoT Edge in Health/Wellness
  • V2X is the Future of Connected Automotive
  • Low Power Wide Area IoT Technology Advantages - Catching the Wave  

Don't miss this opportunity to join us for this free conference.  

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