MultiTech Introduces IP67 Rated LoRa Base Station

The MultiConnect Conduit IP67 base station will be on display this week at the DistribuTECH Conference and Exhibition in the MultiTech exhibit at booth #2438. Visitors can also see live demos of LoRaWAN technology in the MultiTech exhibit as well as the Semtech booth #2035.

MultiTech and WaterBit demonstrate the power of the Internet of Things within the Agricultural Community

 MultiTech’s IoT Gateway Utilizing LoRa® wireless technology communicates valuable data in WaterBit’s California site where cellular service is not an option.

MultiTech Launches Portable, Handheld LoRa® Site Survey Device and LoRa® Proof of Concept Developer Board

Innovative MultiConnect® mDot™ Box Ideal for LoRa Site Surveys; MultiConnect® mDot™ EVB Perfect for Quick LoRa Proof of Concepts

MultiTech Unites with AT&T, ARM and Arrow to Host the “IoT – Prototype to Production Workshop”

MultiTech announced its sponsorship of the “IoT-Prototype to Production Workshop,” taking place on December 11, 2015 from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm CST at the AT&T Foundry facility in Plano, TX.  The workshop is co-sponsored with AT&T, ARM, and Arrow. 

MultiTech Drastically Shortens Time to Market for Products Requiring Cellular Connectivity with Industry-Certified MultiConnect® Dragonfly™

The MultiConnect Dragonfly can be used as an embedded cellular SoM providing optimal design and application flexibility for mobile Internet of Things applications including digital signage and transportation, or it can be used as an embedded cellular modem requiring little or no modification to existing design. 

MultiTech Demonstrations, Product Announcements and Presentations Emphasize Information Flow from Devices to the Cloud at ARM TechCon 2015

•    Launches MultiConnect® Dragonfly™  
•    Demonstrates Communications to Cloud over Cellular and LoRaWAN in Booth #738
•    Presentations Address Leveraging ARM® mbed™ Platform to Deliver Intelligent Connected Solutions

MultiTech Launches New Technology Information Hub for Rapidly Expanding LoRa® Community

MultiTech launches an information Hub in response to expanding interest in the LoRa protocol (LoRaWAN).   LoRa is a wireless technology that has been developed to enable low data rate communications to be made over long distances by sensors and actuators for M2M and Internet of Things, IoT applications. 

MultiTech Unites with Telit and Arrow to Host “IoT Prototype-to-Production Workshop”

Programmers and tech professionals attending the workshop will learn how to prototype and develop an IoT project by incorporating the necessary hardware, transport/connectivity and chips. Attendees will also learn how to crowdsource libraries for sensor and peripherals using a cloud-based IDE, and how to move data from the edge sensor/processor to a cloud platform-as-a-service using a cellular module. 

MultiTech takes Remote Device Deployment, Management and Maintenance to New Heights with MultiTech DeviceHQ

First IoT Application Store and Tool Set for Quicker Deployment and Centralized Management of the Latest Generation of MultiTech devices

MultiTech to Establish Partner Program for Systems Integrators

New Program MultiTech Integration Masters Promises to Help Customers Integrate MultiTech Technology into Industrial Internet of Things solutions and Speed Time to Market

Alta Industrial Automation Chooses MultiTech to Enable Remote Monitoring for the Oil and Gas Industry

eSensordata uses SocketModem Cell Embedded Cellular Modem to Communicate Sensor Data Over Cellular Networks, Improving Safety, Efficiency and Performance of Assets in the Field

MultiTech Showcases Leading IoT Solutions for the Industrial Space at CTIA, Super Mobility 2015

Live demonstrations of MultiTech’s newest IoT technologies at CTIA will model real-life scenarios in Agriculture, Tank Monitoring, Health and Safety and Retail that leverage MultiTech’s IoT solutions.

MultiTech and Solair Join Forces to Simplify IoT for Developers and Users Alike

Together, easy-to- adopt and -use MultiTech hardware and the business-focused Solair application platform slash time to market and deliver ROI fast for better business.

MultiTech Eases Financial Burden of M2M and IoT Service Providers Transitioning from 2G

As large 2G cellular GSM coverage areas are sunset, thousands of companies face an upgrade deadline on countless connected devices

MultiTech Unites with Future, ARM and Aeris to Host the “IoT – Prototype to Production Workshop”

Industry Executives and Engineers Unite to Share Information on Development in the IoT space at Hacker DoJo.

Programmers and tech professionals attending “IoT – Prototype to Production Workshop” will learn how to prototype, and develop an IoT project by incorporating the necessary hardware, transport/connectivity and chips. 

MultiTech Ships Revolutionary IoT Platform

Intelligent and Programmable IoT Gateway MultiConnect® Conduit™; the First IoT Online Application Store DeviceHQ™; Long Range LoRaWAN Ready Modules MultiConnect® mDot™ and Gateway Accessory Cards, MultiConnect® mCard™ – Now Available

MultiTech’s Heralded M2M and IoT Solutions Showcased At Upcoming Embedded Systems Conference

Intelligent and Programmable IoT Gateway MultiConnect Conduit; Award-Winning SocketModem Cell 4G-LTE Cellular Modem and First ARM mbed Programmable Cellular System-on-Module MultiConnect Dragonfly Up and Running in Boston, May 6-7

MultiTech Announces EMEA Office to Open in London

MultiTech’s Senior Management Team, including CEO Stefan Lindvall; VP of Product Management  Daniel Quant; and VP of Worldwide Sales, Duane Wald will be introducing the new office at an Open House, running the week of April 27.  To attend, or schedule a meeting during this week, please contact Colin Heron, .

MultiTech Sponsors “IoT – Prototype to Production Workshop” at Internet of Things Show, North America on April 15, 2015

Programmers and tech professionals attending “IoT – Prototype to Production Workshop” will gain invaluable instruction from industry leaders on crowd sourcing libraries for sensor and peripherals using a cloud based IDE. Participants will learn how to move data from edge sensor/processor to cloud platform as a service using a cellular module. Product managers and business development leaders are welcome to learn how to build successful business practices and how to avoid critical pitfalls of IoT development.

MultiTech Introduces the MultiConnect rCell 500, its newest 3G/4G-LTE, WiFi Broadband Enterprise Router for Europe, Middle East & Africa

Reinforces MultiTech’s commitment to meet the ‘always-on’ and secure needs of distributed enterprises, light industrial, retail and IT

MultiTech Announces its new 4G LTE SocketModem Cell

Now shipping for use on AT&T (MTSMC-LAT1) and European  (MTSMC-LEU1) 4G LTE networks with engineering samples available for Verizon Wireless (MTSMC-LVW2)

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