See MultiTech’s Award-winning Suite of LPWA Technology-based Modules, Devices and Gateways on Display at European Utility Week


  • Demonstrations Highlight Proven Experience in LPWA technology within Utility Segment Through Collaboration with ISS, cThings and DIGIMONDO
  • Use Case Presentation Provides Critical Insights into Connecting IoT within Real-life Scenarios


WHAT: Live product demonstrations and presentations at European Utility Week

WHEN: November 6-8, 2018

WHERE: Messe Wien , Vienna, Austria


The Demonstrations

“Smart Building Services” demonstration with ISS Group – MultiTech Stand B.c71

MultiTech will display its MultiTech MultiConnect® Conduit® gateway within a smart building services scenario, highlighting the Digital Facility Management services from ISS. The demonstration highlights all of the steps within a complete end-to-end smart building services model use case.

About ISS Group - ISS was founded in Copenhagen in 1901 and has grown to become one of the world’s leading provider for Facility Services. ISS offers a wide range of services: technical services, capital projects, cleaning, catering, security, support services as well as Integrated Property & Facility Management.

Starting in July 2019, ISS will deliver Integrated Facility Services to about 9,000 additional Deutsche Telekom sites across Germany. Within the scope of this partnership ISS will develop new pioneering service products for the Facility Management market in cooperation with Deutsche Telekom. Together, ISS and Deutsche Telekom contribute to shaping the digitalisation of Facility Management (FM) with joint and trend-setting products and solutions. CREM receive valuable insights into their properties via a dashboard which will provide new opportunities for flexible control and strategic development. Furthermore, Digital Facility Management enables automation and dynamic of FM business processes like “Smart Building Services ‘’by ISS. DFM by ISS

Remote management of heating systems with cThings - MultiTech Stand B.c71

The demonstration with cThings highlights the cThings SmartValve® used for the remote management of heating systems working in conjunction with MultiTech’s IoT gateway and modules. SmartValve provides Energy Service Providers with the unique ability to remotely manage and instantly control the supply of heat to energy users on a distribution network. The demonstration features the MultiTech MultiConnect® Conduit® gateway and the MultiConnect® xDot® Long Range LoRa® Module, which utilizes LoRaWAN™ connecting remotely to the cThings cloud.

About cThings - cThings is an IoT solution provider specifically developing products for energy service providers, utility companies and property managers. cThings’ products enable clients to have complete visibility of their properties and associated assets to ensure the best quality of service for end users. Combining its innovative hardware with event-based alerts and data analytics, the cThings cloud provides customers with valuable insights, allowing clients to reduce costs, improve service experiences and safeguard key assets. Visit to find out more about cThings’ products and services.

Smart Utilities IoT Platform with DIGIMONDO - MultiTech Stand B.c71

The DIGIMONDO demonstration highlights DIGIMONDO’s niota™ - the only IoT hub that combines & exposes data from various sources (Sigfox, NB-IoT, LoRaWAN, NFC etc.), working in conjunction with MultiTech’s MultiConnect® Conduit® IP67 Base Station, a ruggedized IoT gateway solution, and Firefly, the DIGIMONDO LoRaWAN network server. Niota™ provides the flexibility to integrate new & old features and business models of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) within the current IT ecosystem. Most recently MultiTech announced collaboration with DIGIMONDO to provide an industry grade smart solution portfolio. The scope of the agreement covers smart city, smart utilities and smart industry applications. DIGIMONDO is a market leader for IoT software solutions and end-to-end smart solution implementations.

About DIGIMONDO - DIGIMONDO’s IoT data hub niota offers customers the possibility to implement complex IoT use cases with high flexibility and ease. The main USP of niota is that it normalizes data from various telecommunication protocols – LPWAN, WiFi, BLE to name a few - and seamlessly integrates into end-user platforms – Microsoft Azure, AWS, SAP IS-U and many more niota’s extended UI – niota.maps - empowers users to visualize their devices in real-time on a map with possibilities of device management and analysis. In addition, DIGIMONDO also offers their award winning LoRaWAN network server – firefly - that displays LoRaWAN enabled data packets in real-time.

Featured MultiTech Products Include:

  • MultiTech MultiConnect® Conduit® is the industry’s most configurable, manageable, and scalable communications gateway for industrial IoT applications and is ideal for numerous market segments including, Agricultural, Industrial, Smart Cities, and Medical. Each Conduit gateway has the ability to manage thousands of MultiConnect® mDot™ LoRaWAN modules and other sensors and transmit their data over any cellular network to a customer's preferred data management platform.
  • MultiConnect® xDot® is a secure, CE/FCC/RCM/GITEKI certified, Arm® Mbed™ programmable, low-power RF module, that provides long-range, low bit rate M2M data connectivity to sensors, industrial equipment and remote appliances. The MultiConnect xDot is LoRaWAN™ 1.0.2 compliant, providing bi-directional data communication up to 10 miles / 15 km line-of sight and 1-3 miles / 2 km into buildings**, using sub-GHz ISM bands in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia Pacific (AS923). xDots bring intelligence, reduced complexity and a lower overall bill of material cost to the very edge of the network while supporting a variety of electronic interfaces to connect just about any “Thing” for years on battery power.
  • MultiConnect® Conduit® IP67 Base Station is a ruggedized IoT gateway solution, specifically designed for outdoor LoRa® public or private network deployments. This highly scalable and certified IP67 solution can resist the harshest environmental factors including moisture, dust, wind, rain, snow and extreme heat, supporting LoRaWAN™ applications in virtually any environment. The enhanced MultiConnect Conduit IP67 solution can support thousands of LoRaWAN certified end nodes, including the MultiConnect® mDot™ and xDot®. This flexible solution provides durable, low-power, wide area connectivity in support of M2M and IoT applications for both LoRa service providers and individual enterprises wanting to expand their LoRa network coverage. Designed for easy deployment, the solution includes a MultiConnect Conduit with a LoRa MultiConnect® mCard™, IP67 enclosure, LoRa antenna to improve outdoor range and provides a choice of 4G-LTE or Ethernet backhaul options.

MultiTech Presentation:

Topic: “MultiTech Enables Connected Use Cases Across Utilities”
Date: November 7, 2018
Time: 11:00- 11:20
Location: Hub Theatre 4
MultiTech Executive: Richard Stamvik, Ecosystem Business Development


  • Connecting industrial IoT usecases across verticals since 1970, MultiTech’s Richard Stamvik will give examples of how the Company, together with its ecosystem partners provides joint customers with end-to-end solutions for management and control of utility infrastructure, renewable energy sources, electric vehicle charging, connected buildings & cities, and metering use cases. Technology enablers like Wide Area Network communication (unlicensed LPWA technology LoRa and cellular technologies evolution from 3G through 4G to LTE CatM1 and NB-IoT), security, management, and enabling products and services will be highlighted in the presentation.

About MultiTech
MultiTech designs, develops and manufactures communications equipment for the industrial internet of things – connecting physical assets to business processes to deliver enhanced value. Our commitment to quality and service excellence means you can count on MultiTech products and people to address your needs, while our history of innovation ensures you can stay ahead of the latest technology with a partner who will be there for the life of your solution. Visit for more information.

MultiTech Press Contact:

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