MultiTech to Establish Partner Program for Systems Integrators

MultiTech Integration Masters will provide design, development and integration assistance, as well as project management and other value added services to MultiTech customers. Integrators will be selected based on proven success designing devices and applications using MultiTech technology, qualified MultiTech DeviceHQ™; app store contributions and the ability to deliver a set of complementary skills and industry expertise. Selection criteria will include hardware, software and mechanical integration skills as well as expertise in design, prototyping, certification and manufacture of IoT devices.

"MultiTech is committed to simplifying the process of developing solutions for the Internet of Things," said Duane Wald, Vice President of Sales for MultiTech. "By developing an ecosystem of experts to help with the design and integration of MultiTech devices for specific industries, we expect to further streamline the adoption process for our customers around the world."

Program participants will benefit from co-marketing and business development in partnership with MultiTech, and will participate in bi-annual reviews to ensure an optimal level of performance and to provide input into future MultiTech product development.

Systems Integrators interested in applying for the program are encouraged to visit MultiTech at CTIA booth #5432 this week.

Jennifer Costello for MultiTech

Tel: 781-715-4870