MultiTech and Partners Showcase Leading Solutions for the Industrial IoT at IoT World

MultiTech and Partners Showcase Leading Solutions for the Industrial IoT at IoT World

Intelligent and Programmable IoT Gateway MultiConnect® Conduit™ on display working in Conjunction with Solutions from Gemalto, Spirent, Stream, myDevices,


Live product demonstrations with leading partners, incorporating MultiTech’s newest IoT technologies at IoT World.

The Demonstrations 

IoT World, Santa Clara Convention Center, May 10-12

Gemalto (Booth 412): Demonstrates a Gemalto “Trusted Key Manager,” (a new state-of-the-art network security solution providing LoRaWAN™ key provisioning and authentication for trusted identity and end-to-end security for connected devices to IoT applications). Connecting from the MultiConnect® mDot (a LoRa Alliance Certified, LoRaWAN™ RF module) and MultiConnect® xDot™ (the first embedded hardware-based security on a LoRaWAN end point module), through the MultiConnect Conduit LoRaWAN™ gateway to the Senet network, the first and only public provider in North America of Low Power Wide Area Networks. Showcasing enhanced security to the very edge of “Low-Power, Wide-Area Networks.”

Stream Technologies (Booth 217): Shows possibility for agricultural organizations to optimize agricultural yield and minimize water waste in both horticulture and animal husbandry, using Low Power Wireless Access Networks. The MultiConnect® mDot (a LoRa Alliance Certified, LoRaWAN™ RF module) Evaluation Board (mDot EVB) is connected to Soil moisture, Light and Temperature sensors reporting real time activity through the Stream Technologies IoT-X platform to a Telit IoT Portal dashboard application. (Momenta Partners Booth 731 and Stream Technologies 217): is demonstrating an integration of Stream Technologies IoT-X platform and MultiTech’s MultiConnect® Conduit™ LoRaWAN gateway. is a powerful cloud-based or on-premise IoT application development platform that allows developers and integrators to build elegant IoT applications that benefit from cloud scalability and JavaScript simplicity.

Spirent (Booth 926):  Exhibits soil moisture sensors read via an Arduino based platform using MultiConnect® mDot (a LoRa Alliance Certified, LoRaWAN™ RF module), to send data to the MultiConnect® Conduit™ LoRaWAN gateway. A Node-RED visual tool is used to format and send the data to a Grove Streams platform for presentation. The Tweakker OTA APN and its interface for management is used to push different profiles to the Oasis Smart SIM card to show which Sims are connected to which service.

myDevices (Booth 913) Displays myDevices' Cayenne drag-and-drop IoT project builder, a rapid prototyping tool that dynamically displays live data streams from connected devices and features the MultiConnect® mDot™.  Live demonstrations showcase luminosity, temperature, and pressure readings from an mDotBox in France alongside data from a wide array of connected devices.