MultiTech Unites with Telit and Arrow to Host “IoT Prototype-to-Production Workshop”

Programmers and tech professionals attending the workshop will learn how to prototype and develop an IoT project by incorporating the necessary hardware, transport/connectivity and chips. Attendees will also learn how to crowdsource libraries for sensor and peripherals using a cloud-based IDE, and how to move data from the edge sensor/processor to a cloud platform-as-a-service using a cellular module.

"In the fast-evolving world of IoT, solutions need to be responsive, innovative and nimble. In this hands-on workshop, participants will have the unique opportunity to learn how to get their IoT commercial solutions up and running using provided hardware platforms and to create new connected prototypes" said Michael Finegan, Director of IoT Business Development at MultiTech. Programmers, product managers and engineers are encouraged to attend to learn how to build successful business practices and avoid critical pitfalls of IoT development.

During the workshop, participants will learn through structured lab activities, how to compile and download programs to a micro-controller, integrate sensor technology, communicate over a cellular network, and publish information to the Telit IoT Platform. Workshop participants will need to acquire a user name and password to ARM's mbed environment and load device drivers on their laptop, prior to the event. Workshop instructors include leading executives from MultiTech, Telit and Arrow. Attendees will receive a development kit and data plan for prototyping purposes.

Registration can be arranged at the following link:

About Telit

Telit (AIM: TCM), is the global leader in Internet of Things (IoT) enablement.  The company offers the industry’s broadest portfolio of integrated products and services for end-to-end IoT deployments – including cellular communication modules in all technologies, GNSS, short-to-long range wireless modules, IoT connectivity plans and IoT platform services. Through the IoT Portal, Telit makes IoT onboarding easy, reduces risk, time to market, complexity and costs for asset tracking, remote monitoring and control, telematics, industrial automation and others, across many industries and vertical markets worldwide.


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