MultiTech Introduces Cost-Optimized, Secure LoRaWAN Module

Mounds View, MN – February 23, 2016 – Multi-Tech Systems, Inc., introduced the MultiConnect® xDot™, a secure endpoint module to communicate over LoRaWAN™ networks.

The xDot joins the MultiTech family of LoRaWAN communications devices which also includes the programmable MultiConnect® ConduitTM gateway, MultiConnect® mDotTM modules and MultiConnect® mCardTM gateway accessory cards. This latest addition to the LoRa™ product line features a compact, surface-mount form factor, mbed enabled tamper proof processor and very low power consumption for extended battery life.

For enhanced security, the xDot incorporates a hardware tamper resistant secure element from Gemalto, the world leader in digital security, which delivers secure key storage for AES-128 encryption used in LoRaWAN networks as well as secure applications capabilities.

“Security is of paramount concern for the Internet of Things,” says Daniel Quant, Vice President of Product Management at MultiTech. “By building a secure element into the MultiConnect xDot, we are removing yet another hurdle to adoption. By doing so in a LoRa module, we deliver the ultimate endpoint device delivering long-range connectivity, low power consumption, embedded tamper proof intelligence and industry-leading security – all in a low-cost package.”

“MultiTech continues to be a leader in the LoRa community,” says Hardy Schmidbauer, Director of Wireless Product at Semtech. “By integrating security into their latest LoRa module, they are driving innovation and adoption of this important technology for the Internet of Things.”

The MultiConnect xDot is available for samples now with general availability later this year.