MultiTech Demonstrations and Announcements Highlight Leading Solutions for the Industrial IoT at Mobile World Congress

  • Demonstrations Showcase Intelligent and Programmable IoT Gateway Working in Conjunction with Solutions from PNI Sensor Corporation, BluBoard, Device Authority, SKS Automaatio Oy, STMicroelectronics, myDevices, Asavie and Actility
  • Recently Launched MultiConnect® Conduit AP Access Point for LoRa®  now fully pre-configured & Approved for Actility’s ThingPark™ Wireless Platform
  • NB-IoT enabled MultiConnect® Cell Serial to LTE-NB1 modem to enable smart city School Safety Crossing application by RTC

WHEN: Feb. 27-March 2, 2017

WHERE: Barcelona, SPAIN

WHAT: Mobile World Congress

Demonstrations: Live product demonstrations of MultiTech’s newest industrial IoT technologies will model real-life scenarios across a wide range of industries.

LoRa AllianceExhibit:  IoT Pavilion, Stand #D3

PNI Sensor Corporation

Demonstration highlights PNI Sensor Corporation’s PlacePod™ smart parking sensor, communicating with the MultiTech MultiConnect® Conduit™ gateway and LoRa MultiConnect® xDot™ module to provide accurate real-time parking data. It provides accurate real-time parking data, 10 years of battery life, and is stable over temperature fluctuations, even in harsh environments. PlacePod is the industry’s most accurate magnetic sensing system for vehicle detection with the combination of PNI’s high-performance magnetic sensor and vehicle detection algorithms that accurately detect the presence or absence of a car in a parking space.  PNI’s parking cloud solution includes a parking management application that serves as a comprehensive dashboard for all parking resources, a mobile installation application for easy provisioning, and a parking API for external communication with any third-party and internal system.

  • The MultiTech MultiConnect Conduit is the industry’s most configurable, manageable, and scalable communications gateway.
  • The MultiConnect xDot is a secure, CE/FCC/RCM LoRa Alliance Certified™, ARM® mbed™ programmable, low-power RF module, that provides long-range, low bit rate IoT data connectivity to sensors, industrial equipment and remote appliances.



Demonstration highlights LorkTech’s BluBoard digital sign utilizing MultiTech’s LoRa functionality. The low power signage is updated remotely via the LoRaWAN™ capabilities of the MultiConnect® mDot™, an inexpensive LoRaWAN ready, low-power wide area network (LPWAN) RF module. 

  • The MultiConnect mDot (MTDOT Series) offers significantly longer range and improved radio performance compared to traditional wireless solutions—resulting in greater transmission range and reduced capital expense.


Device Authority

Device Authority™ is the global leader in policy and device-driven security for the IoT. Its new KeyScaler™ IoT Security Platform combines their device authentication engine with Cryptosoft’s policy-driven data security manager and agents to provide a single, comprehensive software security offering for IoT applications. The demonstration highlights the new Device Authority secured MultiTech gateway, which provides end-to-end security for applications, agnostic to any network architecture, up and running. The demonstration highlights data protection from the source, in transit, when at rest and when accessed. 


SKS Sensors® from SKS Automaatio Oy

Demonstration taps into live, in-field (Finland) preventive maintenance system from IoTKey®. The system provides information supporting the demand-based maintenance of production equipment and the real-time monitoring of processes – including via mobile devices. The IoTKey® system consists of MultiConnect mDot modules, a MultiConnect Conduit gateway device and a graphical user interface running as a cloud service.


STMicroelectronics & myDevices Cayenne

Demonstration consists of an STMicroelectronics sensor board connected to a MultiTech MultiConnect® mDot™ LoRaWAN certified module connected to the Actility LoRaWAN network to the myDevices Cayenne dashboard, showcasing the MultiTech MultiConnect® Conduit™ AP access point’s ideal tailoring to connect environmental sensors located in commercial facilities such as hotels, convention centers, retail outlets and industrial kitchens.

  • The MultiConnect Conduit AP Access Point for LoRa® Technology affordably provides deep in-building connectivity and improved service levels for network operators and enterprises connecting thousands of IoT assets by harnessing the power of the LoRaWAN protocol. 


Asavie, Hall #7 Stand #7182

Asavie’s PassBridge™, an IoT connectivity platform, now integrates with the MultiConnect® Conduit™ gateway providing secure communications for low-power devices.  Addressing the network connectivity and integration challenges hindering the implementation of IoT projects. The joint solution offers organizations secure, seamless end-to-end connectivity off the public internet. The demonstration highlights LoRaWAN sensors, seamlessly and securely connecting to the cloud.


Stream Technologies, Hall #7 Stand #7C30

Demonstrating the suitability of NB-IoT technology for smart cities applications, MultiTech and Stream will leverage a uBlox NB-IoT module integrated into a MultiConnect® Cell 100 Series cellular modem into a solar-powered school zone blinker. The demo, based on currently available solution from RTC enables school systems to re-set the blinkers in the event of schedule changes. IoT-X is a multi-technology connectivity management platform allowing users to monitor, manage and monetize connectivity across any technology types. IoT-X supports connectivity from MNOs including NB-IoT and CAT-M as well as traditional Packet Data. IoT-X also supports Satellite and LPWA networks, including an LoRaWAN™ network server for the easy creation of public and private networks. IoT-X allows management of all your connectivity on a single pane of glass.  

  • The MultiConnect Cell 100 Series cellular modems, fully certified and carrier approved, deliver fast, secure data for remote operations, and integrate easily to extend the life of legacy equipment.


Actility, Hall #8 Stand #8.0C3

MultiTech and Actility today announced that its leading LoRaWAN™ gateway, MultiConnect® Conduit™ AP Access Point for LoRa® is now fully pre-configured and Approved for the Actility ThingPark Wireless Platform, a core network management and supervision solution for LPWA connectivity. Demonstrations will highlight how the new ThingPark Approved Conduit AP and MultiConnect® Conduit™ IP67 Base Station delivers an end-to-end solution to the fast growing LoRa ecosystem, opening a wide range of opportunities for innovative SmartCity and SmartBuilding applications in both macro deployments on cell towers and broadcast masts and inside commercial facilities for network densification and improved Service Level Agreements.

  • MultiConnect Conduit AP Access Point for LoRa® provides deep in-building connectivity and improved service levels for network operators and enterprises connecting thousands of IoT assets by harnessing the power of the LoRaWAN protocol.
  • The MultiConnect Conduit IP67 Base Station is a ruggedized IoT gateway solution, specifically designed for outdoor LoRa public or private network deployments.  

MultiTech Press Contact:

Jennifer Costello, MG Communications; Tel: 781-715-4870