MultiTech Announces Interoperability of Leading LoRa™ IoT Gateway with Microchip’s LoRa Alliance Certified Modules

Mounds View, MN – Feb. 22, 2016 – Multi-Tech Systems, Inc., announced interoperability between its leading LoRa IoT gateway MultiConnect® Conduit™ and Microchip Technology, Inc.’s LoRa Alliance Certified LoRaWAN™ Modules.

“MultiTech’s leading LoRaWAN gateway not only supports most every IoT platform and LoRa network server vendor, but now a variety of LoRaWAN modules and end points,” said Daniel Quant, ‎Vice President, Product Management and Strategic Marketing at MultiTech. “Now users who choose to use Microchip’s leading LoRaWAN modules can efficiently transfer data through the LoRa Conduit gateway to their application simply and easily without any disruption. We are excited to work with a market leader like Microchip and are committed to this kind of flexibility for all of our users.”  

MultiTech’s MultiConnect Conduit is the industry’s most configurable, manageable, and scalable IoT communications gateway.  Quick to deploy and easy to use, the Conduit gateway supports both wired and wireless connectivity standards through two accessory card slots. The Conduit enables a wide variety of asset types to be optimally connected and controlled using a slew of different application and communication protocols.

“Microchip along with MultiTech are taking a leadership role in the expanding LoRa Network eco system. Seamless interoperability of Microchip’s LoRa Alliance Certified modules and the MultiTech Conduit Gateway validates the implementation to the LoRaWAN specification,” said Steve Caldwell, VP of Microchip’s Wireless Solutions Group and chair of the LoRa Alliance Strategic Committee. “We are pleased to see how each company’s independent development efforts resulted in effective implementations of the LoRa Alliance protocol specification.”

An example of cutting edge IoT connectivity supported by the Conduit gateway is LoRaWAN, a low power, long range wireless technology that connects sensors and controls assets over miles, deep into buildings, through structures, on a single battery that lasts for years.  Application examples include detecting and alerting the location of water leaks in large hotels or apartment buildings and controlling agricultural irrigation systems deployed in farms or communities.

With this announcement, users can now seamlessly communicate with sensors and assets that incorporate Microchips PIC based LoRa modules in addition to using MultiTech’s ARM mbed programmable mDot LoRa modules. Providing the industry choice, flexibility and above all seamless interoperability.