MultiTech Announces Availability of Cost-Optimized, Ultra Low-Power LoRaWAN Module

Multi-Tech Systems, Inc. today announced that its MultiConnect® xDot™, an ultra low-power endpoint module optimized to communicate over LoRaWAN™ networks is now available.

The xDot joins the MultiTech family of LoRaWAN communications devices which also includes the programmable MultiConnect® ConduitTM gateway, MultiConnect® mDotTM modules and MultiConnect® mCardTM gateway accessory cards. This latest addition to the LoRa® Technology product line features a compact, surface-mount form factor, onboard mbed OS 5.1 programmable tamper-proof processor with sub 2µA power consumption for extreme battery lifetime.

New flexible power management features enable sub 2µA in deep sleep.  As a result, the device is tuned to deplete battery power at a slower rate than the battery’s own lifecycle – ensuring LoRaWAN connected edge devices can operate uninterrupted in the field for the lifetime of the battery – well beyond five years.

“Battery life is of paramount concern for the Internet of Things,” says Daniel Quant, Vice President of Product Management at MultiTech. “By tuning this device for ultra low-power consumption, we are removing yet another hurdle to adoption. With its flexible power management, industry and regulatory approvals and onboard ARM mbed programmability the MultiConnect xDot is the ultimate LoRaWAN endpoint module delivering long-range connectivity and low power consumption in a cost-optimized package.”

MultiConnect xDot samples are available right now for qualified customer opportunities and for purchase in quantity for delivery in early Q4-2016.

See the MultiConnect xDot at CTIA at the MultiTech exhibit, booth #5137 in the M2M Zone.


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