Multi-Tech Celebrate Double Win for Outstanding Corporate Citizenship

Executives at US company MultiTech this week were delighted with their double win in the Business Worldwide Magazine Global Corporate Excellence Awards 2016.

The Minneapolis-based firm, which designs and produces innovative communications hardware devices for the technology industry, picked up awards for ‘Best Corporate Citizen (Mid-Market), USA- 2016’ and ‘Management Team of the Year, USA- 2016.’

MultiTech CEO Stefan Lindvall, said the company – which was first formed in 1970 – has always celebrated a culture of collaboration and mutual respect amongst employees and the community in which they operate.

“Working with great people is incredibly rewarding,” he said. “We aim to make MultiTech an inspiring, fun and ultimately satisfying place to work, as well as a valued member of the community. I’m pleased the judges in the BMW awards recognised we are doing exactly that by awarding us the Corporate Citizen and Management Team awards.”

Most of the products from MultiTech are regarded as group, rather than individual innovations and all are aimed at the industrial side of the Internet, the Internet of Things (IoT). These devices, which allow items to connect electronically via the web, are altering the way humans live and work. They monitor heating systems, for instance, to ensure only necessary energy is used.

Lindvall was appointed MultiTech’s CEO two years ago. One of his first tasks was to start recruiting.

“I’ve always believed that in order to be a success in business, it’s important to get the right people in the right roles,” he said. “As a company we don’t skimp on that part of the recruitment process. In fact, clients recognise that as a team we are incredibly focused on execution across every part of the business.”

The management team at MultiTech have more than 300 years worth of combined industry experience to draw on with many of them staying with the company for around two decades. The typical employee tenure is 16 years. A higher than average number of senior executives within this female-owned company (one third) are women.

Meanwhile, in terms of corporate citizenship, the company funds two Raghu Sharma Scholarship places for high school students every year, while an annual golf tournament has seen them raise $25,000 for Minnesota charities over the years. A goal for this year is in terms of sustainable manufacturing where all processes and products will use 100per cent conflict-free minerals.

MultiTech Press Contact:

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