LorkTech Selects MultiTech for Innovative Digital Signage Solution

Multi-Tech Systems, Inc. today announced that LorkTech, Inc. has selected the LTE version of its MultiTech MultiConnect® Conduit™ gateway and MultiConnect® mDot for use in its BluBoard and SmartPathing System.

With a LTE connection and a certified MultiTech Conduit paired with LoRa mDot implementation, LorkTech's BluBoard and SmartPathing systems can now operate with one gateway for multiple locations without the equivalent need of hundreds of standard WiFi devices or an extensive and trained IT staff to manage and operate them.

“Compatible with LTE and LoRa enabled, MultiTech’s solutions are ideally suited for our requirements,” said Mark Lorkowski, CEO of LorkTech. “Our signage solution is extremely quick to deploy and manageable from numerous points. We are proud to showcase the new state of the art functionality currently in use nationwide.”

LorkTech’s BlueBoard and SmartPathing system will be used in numerous implementations, including the upcoming Republican National Convention where it will connect and navigate delegate parties entering the airport. With a stable LTE connected Conduit serving 25 mDot LoRa-configured BluBoards, operations managers will schedule and maintain directionals effortlessly, seamlessly guiding parties as they enter and exit the convention.

MultiConnect Conduit is the industry’s most configurable, manageable, and scalable communications gateway for industrial IoT applications and is ideal for numerous market segments including, Agricultural, Industrial, Smart Cities, and Medical.  Its LoRaWAN™ ready module, MultiConnect mDots are powerful radios using the new Semtech LoRa™, low power, wide area RF modulation. MultiConnect mDots bring intelligence, reduced complexity and BOM cost to the very edge of the network.

The BluBoard ePaper sign tackles tough logistic and event management obstacles for hotels, airports, and event venues. The BluBoard device is a vibrant, cutting-edge 18" blue-white ePaper screen technology, wrapped in a custom frame for venue aesthetic.  Managed from best-of-class secured wireless connectivity, BluBoard and has a long use life (two weeks when left on before a recharge is needed) functioning up to 3 months when powered off in-between event uses before a recharge. The BluBoard SmartPathing solution, which includes a full service for automating updates to BluBoards through bluboard.io, helps every-day businesses direct traffic flow, cordially and seamlessly presenting information to guests without needing to find plugs, check hookups, or call the IT department.

LorkTech’s BluBoard-LoRa digital sign with MultiTech functionality will be showcased at the upcoming CTIA show, Sept. 7-9th in Las Vegas, Nevada.