Alta Industrial Automation Chooses MultiTech to Enable Remote Monitoring for the Oil and Gas Industry

"In the past, systems were monitored manually through an operator who was required to drive out to the site to collect data and adjust operational parameters" said Kevin Blanchette, Director of Business Development at AIA. "This costly, time consuming, practice was prone to human error, and still does not allow data to be easily transferred to a centralized database. AIA's remote monitoring solution is easily deployed and allows various levels of user access so staff can perform their daily tasks based on timely and accurate data."

The fact that the MultiTech modem was already a PTCRB-certified solution with network certifications was a differentiator for AIA, as the time required to certify a product is typically too long for short product life cycles or for products requiring a fast time to market.

"Using the SocketModem allows us to make design changes as required without impacting the PTCRB certifications," said Kevin Blanchette, Director of Business Development at AIA. "The SocketModem gives us the opportunity to design products with shorter life cycles and lower annual production volumes, which ultimately opens up more opportunities for us to meet our customer requirements."

MultiTech offers a wide variety of communications devices for the Industrial Internet of Things, all of which are pre-certified and which leverage a variety of bearer technologies including analog, cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GNSS and LoRaWAN. The company has been serving the industrial space for more than forty years with rugged, high-quality, innovative communications products, of which there are more than 22 million performing essential duties for businesses around the globe.

"We are pleased to be a part of this important solution," said Duane Wald, Vice President of Sales. "In an industry like oil and gas, understanding the state of equipment and materials is critical, not only to business processes, but to safety and the environment as well. Connected solutions like eSensordata enable real-time alerts in order to optimize the handling of hazardous materials."

MultiTech's SocketModem form factor has become a design standard for AIA's new product development, allowing them to focus on the immediate needs of their clients. "We trust MultiTech's long term road map and migration plans. Knowing that MultiTech will continue with the effort to support the SocketModem allows us to focus on our immediate needs," added Blanchette.

To see how MultiTech products enable tank monitoring, as well as remote monitoring for other industrial applications, visit booth #5432 in the M2M Zone at CTIA for a live demo.

Jennifer Costello for MultiTech

Tel: 781-715-4870