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With all the buzz around the Internet of Things, one might think its brand new -- but with 50 years of machine communications under our belt, we're here to give you a peak into its beginnings. In the course of our history, MultiTech has enabled all sorts of industrial and not-so-industrial applications. Check out some favorites here. We'll add a new customer use case from our archives each week.

Keeping Highways Safe from Drunk Drivers

Read how Interceptor Ignition Locks use MultiTech technology to keep drunk drivers off the road.

Innovation comes ashore on world’s first IoT island

See how Martha's Vineyard is leveraging LPWA technology from MultiTech to monitor environmental impact of tourist season.

M2M, Big Data Optimize Clean Energy Production

Enphase Energy helps ensure availability and reliability of solar energy with help from MultiTech technology.

Improving Uptime with Preventive Maintenance

Learn how Dixon Automatic Tool leveraged MultiTech technology to improve the reliability and service of automated assembly equipment for their manufacturing customers.

A New Era in Public Housing

Pinacle Solutions deployed LoRaWAN technology from MultiTech to promote safe and healthy environments for residents in public housing.

Solar Power from Anywhere

See how SunPower leveraged cellular technology from MultiTech to enable bulding owners to monetize their rooftops while contributing to the smart grid.

Green Buildings Start with Energy Optimization

Learn how Obvious enables facilities managers to go green with MultiTech cellular technology to monitor building systems.

Capturing Customer Feedback in Real Time

Opionionmeter integrated MultiTech cellular technology into survey kiosks so customers can score their experience immediately and operators can take action.

Keeping Boaters Safe

Read about how Boatrax leveraged cellular technology from MultiTech to enable boat location, condition and performance monitoring with help from the Telit IoT Platform.

Improving Accountability for Public Safety

See how SecureEye connected in vehicle cameras to improve police accountability and enhance evidence collection with cellular technology form MultiTech.

Portable Lifesaving Solution

Learn how Physio Control leveraged MultiTech cellular technology to reduce time to treatment in cardiac emergencies.

Faster Connections at a Fraction of the Cost

Read how Canadian Hydrogen Energy Company boosted connection speeds and saved costs while greening industrial fleets across the continent with help from MultiTech.

Industrial plants use the newest protocols, IoT gateways and sensors to increase safety and improve plant efficiency

Learn how Aloxy improves the safety of industrial valves with LPWA technology from MultiTech.

Crossing to Safety

See how RTC leverages cellular technology from MultiTech to keep kids safe on the walk to school.

How To Catch Water Leakage Before It Catches You

iioote leverages LPWA technology from MultiTech to keep slow drips from drowning property owners in costs.

Way Finding Goes High Tech and Low Power

Read how BlueBoard paired LoRaWAN technology with digital paper to save time and money for event venues and confusion for attendees with help from MultiTech.

Ensuring Excellent Espresso

See how Concordia Coffee Systems leveraged cellular technology to remotely monitor automated Expresso machines to ensure a perfect pour every time.

Atlanta Goes Green With Connected Sewers

Read how the city saved big and reduced drainage issues with cellular technology from MultiTech.

Alleviating Congestion with Car Sharing

Learn how City CarShare saved development costs connecting their fleet of vehicles for sharing to help reduce congestion, eliminate the need for car ownership and help Silicon Valley go green.

Facilitating Disaster Response

See how SMS Worldwide leverages SMS to enable first responders around the globe.

Exciting New Uses for SMS at Meetings and Events

Learn how Pangolin used cellular technology to improve event experiences.

Leveraging IoT One Rose at a Time

See how MultiTech helps ensure successful growing of some of the world's most sought after roses.

Connected Car Wash

Learn how Baywash enabled franchisees with Internet connected car wash equipment, coutesy of MultiTech.

Internet Assistance for the Blind

Read how EURObraille leveraged MultiTech technology to improve user mobility.

Connecting a Community to their Zoo

Learn how MultiTech helped extend voice communications to the farthest reaches Marwell Zoo.