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By Tracey Dickinson, Vice President of Program Management

I've been with MultiTech 22 years. In each role I've had, I've been able to build on what I had learned in the previous role.

It was my first job out of college, where I had learned the basics with my engineering degree. I came on board as a development engineer, and when I got here, I saw it wasn’t just about the isolated lessons I'd learned, it was also about new product development. How do we interact with CAD? What certifications do people need? What are all the engineering pieces you need to do to take a product to market?

Then my next role here was project manager. After 11 years as a development engineer, I had a really good foundation in engineering. But in the new role, I had a whole new set of tasks. I had a slightly different view because I had to watch over costs, scope and scheduling. So for me it was a slight pivot, based on my engineering knowledge, and now I was at the project level.

My third position was vice president of engineering. I could take my engineering knowledge and my project management knowledge and I got to look at it from a completely different level. A strategic level. It allowed me to think in a new way. So it wasn’t about the one project or the technical aspects, it was about making sure what we were doing in engineering lined up with our company goals and strategy, making sure we’re all moving in the right direction together.

Now, in my fourth position, I’m overseeing the project management office. So, I got to bring my engineering knowledge, my project management knowledge and my higher, strategic view into the project management office. In this role, we run all the new product development projects and the company initiatives company wide. We can go into different departments within the company, keeping the strategic focus, making sure we’re all going where the company needs us to go. One of my favorite things about the job is being able to go into a multi-discipline group and address a problem. To bring people from different areas with different things they’re working on and come to a consensus. It’s about small gains over time, with everyone moving forward together.

Each role I've taken on had a different set of challenges. And with each of those challenges, I’ve been pretty well prepared to take them on because of the foundation, the base of knowledge, my previous job had given me.

That's much like how MultiTech has operated over the years, as new technologies are developed. We started in analog, then went to wireless, then private LTE. We have a really strong base of knowledge and a really good group of people to apply that knowledge to take us to the next technologies, the next advancements.

Every time a new technology comes out, I think we’re really well placed to play in that new field because of the foundation we've built.

But also, when a new technology comes out, there are new opportunities to help people, or help the environment, or make things better. That's what I love about working here.