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By Shenell Bentz, Sales Operations Manager

I'm currently the Sales Operations Manager and I have been employed at MultiTech for almost 14 years. This is the second period of time that I have worked here.

What brought me to MultiTech the first time was the location and a friend recommended the company. It was a nice place to work and all the people were very helpful and friendly. The second time it was timing and opportunity. The location was still convenient but I also still knew a lot of people, understood the company values, and I was very familiar with the business and industry.

In all the years I've worked here, I've loved it because of the people. This place is known for good, hard-working individuals. There are a lot of longtime employees who are loyal to this company and want it to be successful. Everyone have always been very supportive of one another and are not afraid to roll up their sleeves to get the job done, even if it is not their job. Team work is a strong value here at MultiTech.

The several years I have been working for MultiTech I have had many roles and experiences, all of which I have been able to build upon and draw upon to help me to be successful today. When I first started I was the sales receptionist, before we had an automated system. I then graduated to Sales Administration. This role brought me many new opportunities to grow and expand my knowledge while also enabling me to engage with many other departments, including the opportunity to have the occasional conversations with Raghu. The people I have had the honor to work with and learn from over the years has been and will continue to be my greatest reward. I look forward to what and who the next 50 years will bring through the walls of MultiTech. Based on the last 50 years of hard working individuals, innovative and talented Engineers and great leadership, the future looks very bright for MultiTech.