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By Rick Nozel, Senior Vice President of Sales

Curiosity led me to MultiTech; the people are why I have stayed. I’ve been in the machine-to-machine communications space my entire career and knew of MultiTech, in fact, I was a customer, the proud owner of an old dial up modem. So I was excited when invited to visit MultiTech HQ in Mounds View.  

However, it wasn't love at first sight. My first impression was that MultiTech appeared to be caught in a time machine, a stodgy old analog modem company.  I wondered how they had survived in the fast paced world of telecommunications and decided not to pursue the job opening.  A couple of months later, I was contacted about a new position and invited back for a second visit.  During the return trip to Mounds View I had the opportunity to meet and spend time with more people, and they really began to grow on me.  It was strange, while driving home, I had this overwhelming sense that the MultiTech team was special and one that would be extremely fun to win with.  After being part of this team for over 5 years, I can say that’s true. The heart and soul of MultiTech is its people.

My job has changed significantly since joining the company. I joined the Sales team in 2014 as an individual contributor.  In 2016 my boss, Duane Wald, a long time MultiTech employee, accepted a new position overseas.  Shortly thereafter, I was offered to step into the vacancy left by Duane.  Confident I could have a greater impact on our collective success, I accepted the challenge and have never looked back. 

What I enjoy most working for a company the size and structure of MultiTech is the degree of impact that your contributions have on the company’s outcomes; this has been personally and professionally fulfilling. Also, MultiTech does some really important things and contributes to society in ways that many people don’t realize. For example:

  • MultiTech technology is used in the energy industry to conserve energy and preserve natural resources like water.
  • MultiTech technology is used by agriculture companies to maximize crop outputs which helps feed the world.
  • MultiTech technology is used by food processing companies to help ensure compliance to food safety regulations which minimizes illness.
  • Perhaps most importantly, MultiTech technology is used by medical device companies to help save lives.

We are preparing to celebrate our 50-year anniversary. It’s amazing to think that this small-ish company in NW Minneapolis has survived and prospered for a half century in this highly competitive, extremely complex and rapidly changing M2M connectivity industry. One of the key factors in MultiTech’s success and longevity is about every decade the company has reinvented itself.  Imagine that, it’s like working for a start-up every 10 years!  We are on MTS 6.0 and it would not be surprising if in another 50 years someone is talking about MTS 11.0.  I am very proud of our rich heritage and could not be more excited about our future.

The future is bright for MultiTech, it is exciting to think about the potential impact we can have in the Industrial Internet of Things, which is really hot right now. Our strengths align exceptionally well with the needs of companies in this industry which is positions us to win, and win big.