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By Rick Geier, Manufacturing Manager

I’m a manufacturing manager at MultiTech, and I’ve been here 23 years.

A friend of mine at the time was already employed here and said there was a position I might fit. At that time I was a lot younger and willing to explore my options, so I applied and thankfully it all worked to my advantage.

In my initial position I was a manufacturing engineer, tasked with basically developing how we test our products. Over 23 years I’ve taken on more responsibility as far as how we manufacture our products and added supervisory roles, taking on more management of people.

Maybe my favorite part of my current position is being able to have my hands on all parts of the manufacturing process. I’m still heavily involved with the test group and how we test our products, but I’ve also added more responsibility on the production side. So managing the schedule, the people and how we get our products out the door is what I enjoy most.

I don’t think anybody can work anyplace for 23 years without having some really excellent people to work alongside and with. Obviously with my background I do have an interest in the technical side, and that’s always been a challenge. But the No. 1 reason I come to work every day is the people. It’s their dedication to doing a good job, and also their willingness to go above and beyond the normal or median requirements. They want to do the best they can at all times, and do the most they can for the company at all times.

I think the wireless markets seem to be ever-expanding and growing. We’re at 5G, so what is around the corner? The unknown. And that's really what’s exciting. Is it wireless technology, or is it some other technology we’ll have to transition to again?