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By Prasad Kandikonda, Vice President of Engineering

I’ve been working with MultiTech for the past sixteen years, and one of the main things that drew me here was how comprehensive the company is — we do everything under one umbrella, from the manufacturing and hardware to the software, plus research and development. We’re always working on new, innovative ideas and cutting-edge technologies.

MultiTech has been successful mainly because we are consistently hitting the peaks of major technology transitions. Over the years we’ve been on top of the transitions, like from analog to cellular, and we keep anticipating those changes, such as to private LTE and CBRS product lines. Now we’re ready for 5G, planning to make really sophisticated and powerful edge devices that can serve those new markets. We’re hitting niche markets like LPWAN technologies, which are the long-range wireless technologies that can serve remote areas where there is no coverage.

We’re always participating in technology exhibitions and keeping on top of what’s new — and experimenting in those areas so that once those technologies start gaining traction, we have already done the base work, so we can successfully launch something in those spaces.

With MultiTech doing all of these things under one roof, including the engineering and manufacturing for the hardware, the software, maintenance, repairs and more — we can also provide great support and service to our customers. That end-to-end production, customer support and commitment to quality throughout the company is one of the main factors for the sustainability of MultiTech over the past 50 years.

And because MultiTech’s work is all-encompassing, it can also serve worldwide markets. Prior to coming to the U.S. I was working in India, with the responsibility of setting up a subsidiary for MultiTech there. Creating a well-established global distribution chain means we now have a high level of channel support. We have distributors in pretty much every part of the world. We have representatives and sales support people everywhere. That’s something our competitors envy us for. It’s extremely difficult to set up a network like that, so that when we have a product here, we can very easily get the product worldwide within a matter of months.

Our well-established sales network and distribution channels, combined with our ability to do everything under one roof, really keeps MultiTech ahead of the competition. It also helps us continue to provide excellent, innovative solutions for our customers, no matter where they're located.

We take that focus on our customers very seriously. We go to many lengths to be sure that we solve our customers’ problems. It’s a long-term benefit for us, because seeing that kind of commitment from our organization brings our customers back for repeat business. They are loyal to us because they know that we will be here to support them, no matter what it takes. We will be here to help our customers navigate the ever-changing world of technology, so they can transition yesterday’s solutions to the next level tomorrow.