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By Paul Jaeger, Technical Sales and Marketing Manager

As Director of Field Applications Engineering at MultiTech over the past five years, I’ve learned that no matter how rapidly the technology changes, the key to being able to keep up with those changes is people.

I like being a bridge between people. In my role, I’m a bridge between the engineering department, sales, and our customers. Its a pleasure for me to listen to customers so that I understand what they want, then see if we can do it in engineering, and then interpret what that means to sales. Within all of our teams, we are continually reconfiguring, reorganizing, and then pushing the boundaries of what we’re trying to accomplish.

That’s the key to MultiTech’s success over the past 50 years. Things keep changing in the world of technology, and so does MultiTech. We started with analog modems. That has changed. Its not 300 baud analog modems anymore.with phone lines going into the house. We first migrated from analog to cellular — with the SocketModem embedded cellular modem and cellular routers, then developed programmable devices using mbed on the Dragonfly SoM. Later it became all about the Internet of Things. The MultiTech tree keeps producing new branches of technology. There’s another branch coming — we’ll see what it is when it happens.

With all of these constant changes, we've had to make sure that our customers were up to speed on the technology, so we created training programs. We made videos to show people how to get sensors, gather the data, and then send it into the cloud.

When we started developing the Conduit programmable gateway and the LoRa Dot box survey tool, we had to create different seminars for our customers to make sure they could set up and use the new technology effectively. We made YouTube videos showing how to open the box, get things up and running, and how to configure everything. Our seminars have had up to 30,000 views.

Making sure that our customers get what they need and understand how to use the technology is crucial for MultiTech’s success. We want our customers to succeed, just as we want everyone who is employed here to succeed.

Everyone loves working with the people here. When I’ve talked with interns or new hires, they all love working here because it’s a very healing environment. It’s a family. We’re all here to help each other.

The most exciting thing about MultiTech is that we’re going to continue to adapt, not just to the technology, but together with the people we collaborate with and interact with every day. We’re going to be a greater influence with our partners, with our distributors, and with the people who buy our products and sell our products. We’re going to keep adapting and changing. I love the fact that we continue to grow the MultiTech family.

That’s the exciting part for me — the fact that MultiTech can positively affect more people’s lives in the future. The founder of MultiTech felt very strongly about this, as does his family. Its cool to have a responsibility to everyone else in the company.