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By Mike Nicholson, Senior Software Architect

A company that combines innovation and passion while keeping work-life balance in mind is hard to find. At previous jobs I liked what I was doing, but after a 24-7-365 work culture where working holidays and weekends was the norm, I needed a change. I didn’t want to get any more pictures of my family on the beach while I was working a Saturday!

I saw an opportunity at MultiTech and discovered just what I was seeking: drive, agility and originality, without sacrificing work-life balance. When I started, I was mainly on the technical side. Since then I’ve become the team lead for the cloud and platform team. I’ve spent my whole career in the industrial, medical, aerospace and consumer markets. I love working in the industrial space here at MultiTech.

The legacy this company has is truly impressive. It’s difficult for a technology company to be successful for 50 years. A lot of companies come and go; it’s easy to become a dinosaur if you’re not willing to adapt. MultiTech consistently delivers value to customers and continues to change its product mix to adapt to client needs.

Having an innovative mindset is a big part of that success. Delivering quality products is very important and we have a unique ability to do that because we have development and manufacturing integrated together. We are really helping companies utilize resources efficiently and optimize processes. That helps make the world a better place and I enjoy being a part of that.

Our customers like us because we give them a canvas to work on. At some of the other firms I’ve been at we give customers a set offering. There is little wiggle room for adjustment and you work with what you get. At MultiTech we have software and hardware that’s flexible. Customers have the opportunity to integrate that seamlessly into their solution rather than hoping what we make will fit their need. You don’t have to force a square peg into a round hole.

The future is bright at MultiTech! We have that incredible 50-year history in the technology space that many companies don’t have. The culture is a cohesive part of that. People work hard and we adapt as needed. This theme is consistent year after year. Adaptation helps make us excellent. Ecosystems are being built that work together to deliver value to our customers. I feel positive about the future and know MultiTech will continue to push forward to be an industry leader.