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By Mike Kwilinski, Electrical Engineer

From the first time I took a tour of MultiTech, it was clear to me that everyone here really took pride in what they were doing, and in their role at the company. I thought that was important, and it said a lot about the culture of the company.

I saw an organization that had been very successful in the past. I also knew that the company had gone through a market realignment — and I could see they were looking toward the future.

That’s why I made the decision to join the company.

I’ve been at MultiTech for more than two years now, working on new product development. I enjoy working with leading-edge technology. We’re constantly creating products that provide our customers with new capabilities.

Recently I’ve become more involved in getting products production-ready, paying attention to the costs and improving methods of testing and production. I’m taking more responsibility for product development as a complete integrated process, all the way from concept and detailed design to debugging prototypes and getting the certifications done so the product can go into production.

What’s exciting for me is when we finally get the prototype working and it becomes a product that we’re selling.

As in any manufacturing organization, it’s a whole team that makes it happen. I believe that our team at MultiTech is the main reason for the company’s longevity. A lot of companies don’t make it to anywhere near 50 years.

As a team, we listen to our customers and we respond to what they need. Every other company tries to do that, of course, but I think we have a substantial advantage in how well we put all the pieces together.

MultiTech has always specialized in machine-to-machine communication technology methods. At one time it was all wired technology, and now it’s a whole variety of wireless technology segments.

The exciting thing about our business today is how customers are coming to us for technology solutions. Sometimes it’s solutions to challenges they have, but they’re also looking for ways to take advantage of new opportunities. We’re engaging with potential customers across a whole variety of sectors. They all have interesting problems that we can help them solve. And that’s going to continue to be the case for a long time, because we’re in the right place at the right time. People are coming to us with their problems — and we are prepared to respond.

Because of the quality of our team, we are able to work together to solve those problems. We have a good sales organization out in the field talking to prospective customers. We’ve got the engineering resources here to create effective products for them. We’ve got our own in-house production team, and we’ve got very experienced technical support people to help the customer make the best use of what they buy.

People know us and they know our reputation. That’s why they will continue to come to MultiTech.