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By Matt Sharma, Strategic Alliances

What brought me to MultiTech? I was born into it. It’s not that I felt I needed to be here, I wanted to be here. I started working here when I was 19 when my father, MultiTech founder Raghu Sharma, was still alive. I worked in web development and IT. I had many mentors and it was a natural fit. Iwas always interested in writing and reading code and was going to school for a computer science degree at the time.

However, after writing code for a year, I decided that was not what I wanted to do for the rest of my life and I got into business development and sales. Again, I was fortunate to have many mentors at the company to help me grow. That spiraled into different things, from new market business development to helping with product innovation. I’m fortunate to be exposed to the many ways this company operates and all the talent in the building.

MultiTech comes from humble beginnings. My father didn’t grow up with much. He took what he was passionate about and used his knowledge base and created something out of it. It wasn’t because he needed to prove something to someone. He needed to do it to survive. Everything he did was out of necessity to build a better life for himself. Back in India, there was nothing for him.

His brain worked in a way that was ahead of his time. It was never about him proving to the world he was a CEO. He didn’t even take the title of president until we had grown to the point where it was mandatory to do so. He was like me, he didn’t care for titles. He really only cared about the people that worked here, and of course, the technology came with that.

His philosophy was that it was only possible to be successful if he made other people successful with him. The way my father measured success wasn’t based on how much money went to shareholders. It was about job creation. When he created jobs, he felt he was doing something right. This place has fostered a lot of new families, including many immigrants and I have a deep sense of pride in that.

I love that we solve problems every day and help businesses grow. MultiTech doesn’t just cater to one segment of the market, we see everything from agriculture to health care to manufacturing. Any application that needs out-of-band connectivity, we can potentially help. We are enabling our customers to take power into their own hands.

One of the highlights of my career was in 2008-09 working with people in the engineering department. Before, we would give you a technology piece that had our proprietary software. Instead of this standard, we wiped everything out that was MultiTech related and gave the client complete access to the hardware so they could write their own software and build their innovation around the platforms we developed. That has progressed over the past decade to become our Conduit product line. The idea of open-sourcing in our industry was not really acceptable before we started doing it. It's industry-leading technology today.

Seeing the overall growth of the company has been inspiring, especially in the last five years with the wireless product lines and growth in all-digital. The future is exciting because of private LTE. By opening the marketplace for private enterprise to build their own LTE networks, it opens the door to so much new possibility and innovation. The culture my father built where people stay here for 20, 30, 40 years has helped innovation continue. The people here are my family.