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By Kristi Cooper, Document Control Manager

What are friends for? I suppose we all have a unique answer to that question and it probably depends on the friend as well.

For me, though, when I hear that question, the answer is simple. What are friends for? They are for leading me to the best job of my life.

Such helpful, friendly advice came for me in the summer of 1989. I was tired of my current working situation and a drive that forced me into the city each day. My friend had no such issues. She worked for MultiTech and she loved it. She said it was a great place to work and that I should apply for a position. I decided to take her up on her recommendation and one month later I walked through the doors as a full-time employee.

That was 30 years ago, and I haven’t looked back since.

In my first role with MultiTech, I was constantly busy stuffing circuit boards. From there I went to the stock room and the machine room. In my next role I went to Manufacturing Support and from there moved upstairs as an ECO Coordinator and then as an Auditor. Today, I have been in my current role as Document Control Manager for almost nine years. And while I’ve changed jobs a handful of times, I’ve found one thing to remain universally true in each of my positions: No matter where you work in this company the people are truly amazing. In fact, it is this ability to work with everyone that makes for one of the best parts of my current role. We’ve got a great family here and I love interacting with everyone on a daily basis.

My current role has also helped me see so many of the exciting things we’re developing here at MultiTech as we try to stay ahead of the game in our industry. It is a constant challenge but fortunately, I feel as though we have just the right recipe of employees to succeed. We all need each other to make it work and I think we will continue to do well. The evidence of this is already there in our sales. We are really busy right now and that’s more than a great problem to have. It’s a testament to the team we have working here. I think we’re just going to keep going.

As I look back on MultiTech’s first 50 years and the 30 years I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of it, it’s not surprising to me that this company of 200 people has more than 70 who have been here for more than two decades. I also have no doubt that most of the employees we have that have been here five, 10 or 15 years will make it to 20. This truly is an amazing place to work and I’m thankful to everyone here for making that possible. Just as I’m thankful for that little bit of friendly advice that set me on a new and better path 30 years ago.