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By Jason Reiss, Lead Software Engineer

It’s a challenge to beat the competition in the race to that next level. Our goal at MultiTech is to put together solutions in unique ways that other people or other companies didn’t foresee or didn’t think to bring to market.

I’m the lead software engineer on our LoRa (long-range) products team, and I’ve been with the company about nine years.

My first position at MultiTech was as an intern from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. When I came here to interview for the intern position, I really enjoyed the conversations that I had with members of the team, and I thought this would be a good place to work. That’s where it all started.

After my internship, I was hired as a part-time software engineer while I finished my bachelor of science degree in computer science at the university. When I graduated, I immediately started working here full-time. A year or so after that, I was promoted to senior engineer. By that time, I had already put together enough experience and know-how, and I had demonstrated my skills to the company sufficiently to reach that level.

I love working at MultiTech because of the advanced technologies we get to work with every day. We’re always trying to push the cutting edge to develop new hardware, and to create innovative new products.

Working on our IoT Gateway products, and serving as the technical lead for LoRa wireless technology products, have been the highlights for me.

I have worked on the design teams and development teams of these products, as well as being involved with many other products throughout the development life cycle over my years at the company.

These very new products are already making a splash in the marketplace, as are our cloud services. For example, our product DeviceHQ takes remote device management and maintenance to a new level. And Lens is another example, which provides a toolset for secure, distributed, scalable LoRaWAN enterprise networks.

As a witness to almost a decade of MultiTech’s 50 years of success, I am excited for our future. I appreciate the great people that we get to work with here, and the challenges we face as a team on a daily basis are continuing to evolve.

Every day I come in to work, I find new challenges and explore new ways to push myself and those around me to get to that next level.

From those first days as an intern to leading my own team a few years later, I have seen constant innovation. We continue to look for the niche or products that others haven’t quite found yet, and then provide the expertise and quality of service that our customers need. That’s what we strive for at MultiTech. That’s what keeps our customers coming back to us, and what puts us out there as a go-to solution provider.