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By Gregg Zastrow, Senior Marketing Communications Manager

In 2012 I was searching for a privately held, high-technology company where I could help with product marketing and sales. I had worked with ATMs in a previous position and we used MultiTech modems, so I was familiar with the company. I was specifically interested in working for a privately held company so we could make decisions for the long term and not focus on short-term shareholders. I also wanted the ability to make an impact in multiple areas.

That's what led me to join MultiTech in July 2012 as a Senior Product Marketing Manager. The position involved product marketing and management of communication devices including modems and routers. I reviewed market intelligence, created launch plans, led market education and developed market demand. It also included managing the product life cycle, development of product requirements and implementing pricing strategy. In 2017, I transitioned to the position of Senior Manager, Programs and Partnerships and more recently to Senior Marketing Communications Manager.

What do I love about working for MultiTech? Definitely the people. We have a great group of associates working to generate success. I also love the flexibility and the empowerment to make an impact in multiple areas. If you see a direction to help the company, you're empowered to go for it. Another great thing about the company is the ability to see your efforts turned into results. I find myself looking for MultiTech products out in the world in many different diverse areas such as behind a shake machine in a C-store to flow meters at a wastewater plant.

MultiTech has been so successful for such a long time because of three factors:

First, we have the ability to make changes in our product set. We are bringing products to market that companies need.  The market is littered with companies who stood still. We have moved from basically inventing IoT communications with the acoustic coupler and analog modem, to perfecting them, then transitioning to cellular, and now adding a few more legs to the stool with LoRa Low Power/Wide Area technologies and CBRS Private LTE.  Customers see that progression and can trust MultiTech for their future projects.

Secondly, we have in-house manufacturing. It means a short turnaround, the ability to customize products and dynamically re-arrange scheduling. We are not as dependent on overseas manufacturing, which is a big plus.  It allows us to be more nimble in meeting customers’ dynamic requirements.

Lastly, our people take initiative to impact results. We look ahead to see what's needed in the future, not just what's needed now.  That is what our 50 year anniversary celebration is emphasizing.

I'm excited for the future. The market is recognizing and rewarding MultiTech for our competencies and our vision.  And for what the next 50 years will bring.

All in all, we're focusing on the correct things. Everyone has limited time, so we need to be able to focus our energy on the correct areas.