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By Duane Wald, Vice President of Product Management and Managing Director for International Markets

This is my 30th year at MultiTech. I’ve been a part of the company since I graduated from college. Cellular wireless communications was just coming on the scene, and I wanted to be in the cellular wireless communications space. At the time, MultiTech was a leader in analog modem connectivity, and was not  a wireless  company, but it was into data communications, which was the next best thing.

Early on, I was just learning about the business, the operations and the engineering. Then my career moved toward focusing on what our customers were doing with the products, and our impact on the broader world. I realized that our products were transforming what people do every day. That’s what kept me interested and motivated, and today it’s the same story.

The company was shifting from a batch process manufacturing scheme into more of an automated streamlined assembly line system. There was an opportunity for me to help develop systematic processes for quality and reliability and implement a formal quality system, which was very rewarding in the early days.

As we moved forward, I started interacting with our customers more and more. That was a very compelling area of growth for me. I recognized the importance of helping our clients to be successful.

I realized that I wanted to see what our customers were doing, and to help our customers build great solutions. We were achieving some really good work with the technology. We were helping save lives through emergency response systems in the marketplace. We were making everyday lives easier with point-of-sale systems and connected ATMs. There were so many different things about the technology that I found interesting and motivating.

It was a big shift for me to pick up and move to the UK for the last few years in my latest position. I appreciated the chance to engage meaningfully in the international market, to take advantage of what MultiTech was doing with new wireless technology and products and  to be part of turning it into an international opportunity for the company. It’s been a great journey,  I’ve enjoyed every part of it, and it feels like we are only beginning.

MultiTech has enjoyed success for the past 50 years because of our culture of quality, and our culture of wanting to do the right thing for our customers. This culture was instilled by our founder. We have focused on being responsive both to the marketplace and our customers, building long-lasting relationships.

MultiTech has sustained this longevity because of those partnerships. Our clients have been loyal because of what they've achieved working with MultiTech over the years. We’re continuing to build on that today. By helping our customers succeed, we’re ensuring our joint success. That’s what's really driven and sustained the company over the last 50 years.

It’s amazing — just when you think we’ve reached the top as far as what technology can do, new technology emerges. We’re very excited about where we’re headed, and where our customers are going. If we can take that journey together, we’re going to have another 50 years of success.