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By Doug Schley, Production and Inventory Control Manager

I’ve been with MultiTech for 36 years, and I still love coming to work because there’s so much to do.

When I first started at MultiTech fresh out of technical school, we were working with 300 baud modems. I worked in the Repair Department, and moved on to Multiplexers from there.

After a number of years, I became the shop floor scheduler, which later evolved to the position of master scheduler. This means keeping track of the entire process, from the time an order first comes in until it goes out the door on the way to the customer. I track products throughout the production floor, interacting with people in almost every department along the way.

I’m a numbers person, and I get to work with numbers all day long. Being able to understand the numbers, helping to speed through all the information we need to process and ship out products every day, is what keeps me going. I feel satisfied when we complete a project, and every time we meet a deadline that’s especially crucial — and there have been a lot of them!

The technology keeps changing faster and faster. I love how we keep moving forward. MultiTech is just starting to scratch the surface with the advanced fields we’re working in, like the LoRa (low range) technology, and that kind of innovation is going to continue to grow the company. With this fast-evolving technology, our Engineering Department — and everyone else in the company — has to adapt even more quickly to meet those challenges.

Every day goes by so quickly, with so many projects to stay on top of, that there’s no time to look at the clock. The day just whizzes by, and we all work together not just as a team, but more like a family. I can’t say enough about everybody I’ve worked with over the years, who have all had a hand in building MultiTech into a successful company, from Raghu Sharma, the entire Sharma family, on down. There are people here that I’ve worked with for over 25 years — and I wouldn’t miss a day of that.

The constant innovation, along with the great people here who keep up with it, is what has made the company so successful over the past 50 years. I like seeing everybody here work together, succeeding and enjoying that success.

The truth is, I love getting up and coming to work every day. I couldn’t ask for a better thing to do.