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By Del Palacheck, Executive Vice President of Strategic Programs

45 years. What a run it has been.

In this era when so many people change their role as frequently as they change their hairstyle, I’m often asked what has kept me here for so long. The answer is easy. First, it’s the people. We have an amazing, talented and dedicated team here at MultiTech. Second, it’s the work we do. I love working every single day to solve customer problems and I love that our industry is constantly changing. There’s always something fascinating about what the next frontier is.

My career here at MultiTech started simply with a call from a friend. This friend was one of the first couple of employees hired by MultiTech and he let me know the company was looking for someone who could do mechanical assembly. We were still in St. Paul at that time — across from the university — and we were soon to move to New Brighton. Because I had prior construction experience from a summer job, part of my role in the New Brighton facility was to maintain the building and add a new wall when necessary here or there.

When we moved here to Mounds View and found this site, Raghu asked me to help build this building. It was an incredible learning experience because you had to be knowledgeable about the needs of every single department in this organization. The technology of the day said we had to program the building so that materials and information could flow seamlessly from one department to the next. We were tasked to deliver on everyone’s needs and I remember thinking this responsibility would be done the day we finished the building.

Turns out that was only the start.

We had about another year and a half of work to do to finish everything our team needed, but it was a great time. I just remember that everyone was so excited to move into our new facility. And this building really helped propel the company forward.

While overseeing the construction of our building certainly stands out as perhaps my most unique responsibility here, I often tell people that throughout my 45 years, I don’t think I’ve ever held the same role for more than three at a stretch. From through-hole assembly in the '80s to our first automated solutions in the early '90s, our business has kept pace with the market, and we’ve used our low overhead and short cycle times to stave off the challenges that have hampered many similar-sized companies. Above all, I believe our success is due to the fact that we have always been a company that focuses on becoming a partner to our customers and satisfying their needs. From saving water in the Colorado River Valley to connecting defibrillators in ambulances, the breadth of challenges we help clients solve is incredible but it’s all due to the amazing people we have working here.

And I truly believe the best is yet to come.

We have an incredible crop of new customers today. They are coming to us as thought leaders in the Internet of Things and they are looking to us to solve myriad new problems. Fortunately, I know we have the people, technology and partnerships to meet their needs. It's all here, inside this building we built together so long ago.