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By Darshan Maiya, Technical Support Engineer

I’ve been a technical support engineer at MultiTech for two years.

I had worked for an IoT company after graduating college 10 years ago, and I liked the work there but didn’t get career opportunities. Ten years later, I had multiple job offers, but I discovered this place out of the blue and thought, “OK, I think this was meant to be.”

I started as a tech support engineer working with tickets and assisting customers, and now I’m taking more work from what my manager was doing, and I’ve been able to assist my peers. I’ve also been training to be a product manager, so that’s something I’m looking forward to. I think with a company of this size, you can get opportunities like that for moving a step above.

Every day when I come here I feel like I have things to do, and I leave this place feeling accomplished. There are very few places out there where you feel accomplished every day. That’s what I like about my work here, and about MultiTech in general.

I would say the people here are a big part of MultiTech’s success. I know people who have worked here 30 years, which is longer than I’ve been alive. The experience they have is immense, and you can gain a lot of knowledge from them.

MultiTech has been making products since before I was born, and we’re going to continue making innovative products. I’m excited about that, given the past we’ve had and the products we’ve made. We’re continuing on to a growth path where we can make very different products with new technologies.