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By Andy Kirk, Senior Software Engineer

I am Senior Software Engineer for the Cloud Platform Software Group. I've been with MultiTech for three years.

When I joined MultiTech, there was an opportunity for developing a new enterprise solution called Lens. I had been living in this area for 10 years and the previous company I was with was growing and restructuring and reorganizing and then downsizing. The opportunity with MultiTech to jump on this project  seemed to be a good fit, so I took the opportunity to come here.

This has been the happiest I’ve been since my first job. It has a start-up culture feel that supports the creative process. People’s opinions and input are valued and used. Because you feel valued, you put more into your work, and it’s just a rewarding process.

Even though this is a mature company, it still has a culture of a startup. We are able to talk between sales and engineering and testing to provide solutions whereas in the high-structured companies, information could get lost or the priority of information can get lost, and you end up providing something the customer didn’t really want. This company provides a way for information to flow freely between the people and that results in the right software for the customer expectations.

When I first joined the company, my role was specifically for building an enterprise solution from the ground up and restructuring some existing software. I felt like I was more of a consultant, tackling the problem of breaking it apart and realigning it and then getting into development.

We’re very flexible here, and as the team or the group changes, our roles change slightly. I got more involved in certain aspects of development for the Cloud Microservice and then roles changed a little bit more in doing full stack development on the front end and the back end. Then I began presenting these beta installations to customers and getting feedback. That led to providing more demos and presentations to prospective clients and working more with sales, as well as providing internal training and workshops.

I started working with different groups of people. It’s changed from development to the front-line support for customers for this product, and working with sales to get the demo working for them and back to development. We adapt and we try to be flexible and we just fill the gaps where needed. It’s been a great working process.

I love the creativity and ability to create the front-end user interface. You get the reward from seeing the results of your work up on the screen. Working with the sales team and getting feedback from them and knowing that customers are happy makes you feel valued.

One of the things that has made MultiTech so successful over the years is the communication between management and the team. It’s just like a well-oiled machine. There’s lots of stuff going on here, everyone has different roles and it all gets done and it gets done well. I don’t know exactly what makes that work, but it does work.

IoT is part of this product, which is a hot topic, and so staying on top of new technology and being in the loop of that is very exciting for me.