Required Hardware:

  1. MultiConnect mDot Box
  2. MTUDK, MTUDK2 or MTMDK to program the DotBox

If you do not currently have Senet coverage at your location:

  1. MultiConnect Conduit
  2. MTAC-LoRa card

To configure the MultiConnect Conduit as a Senet packet forwarder, follow Senet's setup instructions for gateway registration.

Set up Senet for Cayenne.

Senet instructions from MyDevices.

  1. Create an account and log in to the Senet developer portal.
  2. Click "Register New Device."
  3. Enter "Node ID" for Device ID
  4. Click the cog for the settings, then "Device Edit."
  5. "myDevices Cayenne" for the "Forward To" combo box.
  6. Save the "App Key" for later. This will be teh "Network key" setting (AT+NK)

Set up Cayenne for DotBox

  1. Click "Add new. . ."
  2. Expand LoRa, Senet
  3. MultiTech mDotBox -- LoRa Demo mode.
  4. On the enter settings dialog:
    1. Name: anything
    2. DevEUI: DotBox's Node ID
    3. Activation Mode: Already Registered
    4. Tracking: This device moves

Configure DotBox

  1. If you do not already have a serial terminal emulator program, install one now. For example: Tera Term
  2. Connect the DotBox to the PC using the ribbon cable and a UDK/MDK

  3. Select configuration mode on the DotBox
  4. Open TeraTerm or other serial terminal on your PC and connect to the appropriate serial port. On Windows this will be "STMicroelectronics STLink Virtual COM Port."
    1. Baud rate: 115200
    2. Data: 8 bit
    3. Parity: none
    4. Stop: 1 bit
    5. Flow control: none
  5. Run commands:
    1. AT+PN=1
    2. AT+NI=0,00250C0000010001
    3. AT+NK=0,<App Key>
    4. AT+NJM=1
    5. AT+FSB=1
    6. AT&W
    7. AT+EXIT
  6. Return to main menu by holding the SW1 button.
  7. Select "LoRa Demo mode.

Now, when you return to MyDevices Cayenne you should see data from the DotBox's sensors.