IoT for Smart Buildings

How wireless sensors, gateways and analytics leverage IoT to enable real-time data collection and analysis

Building Intelligence with LoRaWAN® infographic 


Unlocking the Potential of Smart Buildings White Paper


Commercial and residential building managers are continually looking for ways to optimize the use of resources that result in reduced operating and maintenance costs, improved occupant comfort, and the ability to monitor and control the facility.  

This white paper covers a plethora of smart building IoT applications, the benefits to stakeholders, and the advantages of deploying a solution using LoRaWAN® and Bluetooth connectivity.  

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IoT for Smart Buildings eBook


An extensive eBook covering how wireless sensors, gateways, and analytics leverage the IoT to enable real-time data collection and analysis for smart buildings. It addresses the shared needs of every building owner and specific case studies of how IoT is used for cost reduction, environmental control, expanded services, and risk mitigation.