UK conformity assessment (UKCA) marking is used on products placed on the market in the United Kingdom (UK). It shows that products comply with requirements in legislation applying in UK.


  • UKCA is a marking that is used for devices sold in the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, and Wales)
  • "UKCA" stands for "UK Conformity Assessment"  
  • The UKCA marking was introduced to replace the CE marking in the United Kingdom. The UKCA marking is used to show that a device complies with United Kingdom regulations and safety standards for devices sold in the United Kingdom.
  • UKCA is continuing to evolve and how the UK treats CE marking is changing also. The UK plans to honor the CE marked product beyond 2024,  but for the latest on the UKCA marking and time lines visit:

MultiTech Product Labeling
Beginning August 1, 2023, all MultiTech UKCA compliant devices will include the UKCA mark to indicate they are compliant with UKCA standards, including:

  • Serialized Device Label (adhered to individual devices)
  • Single Pack Packaging Label
  • Multi-Pack Packaging Label

MultiTech products sold in Europe and the United Kingdom meet UKCA requirements and are posted below.

UKCA Compliance Documents

Gateways, Routers and Modems

Conduit 300 Series Gateway

Conduit Programmable IoT Gateway

Conduit IP67 Base Station

Conduit IP67 200 Series Base Station

mCard Gateway Accessory Card

Conduit AP 300 Series Access Point

Conduit AP Access Point

MultiConnect rCell 100 Series Cellular Router 

MultiConnect Cell 100 Series Cellular Modem

MultiConnect eCell Cellular to Ethernet Bridge

MultiConnect microCell USB Cellular Modem

Embedded M2M Modems & LoRa Modules

Dragonfly Cellular Modem and SoM 

Dragonfly Nano Cellular Modem and SoM

xDot Secure, Long Range RF Module

mDot Long Range RF Module

SocketModem Cell Embedded Cellular Modem 

Analog Modems

MultiModem ZDX Desktop Modem 



Should you have any questions or require additional documents, please contact MultiTech support.