The requirements for RED (Radio Equipment Directive) compliance replacing the existing R&TTE directive, requires MultiTech devices to meet the RED requirements in order to be shipped and deployed in Europe after June 13, 2017. Devices can still be deployed in North America, and other world regions where RED is not a requirement.

The RED defines the scope of equipment covered as "equipment which intentionally emits or receives radio waves for the purpose of radio communication or radio-determination and makes systematic use of radio spectrum." Effective June 13, 2017, any transceiver, transmitter, receiver or product which contains a radio communication or radio determination function must comply with the RED requirements. To be compliant to RED, wireless devices will require new and additional testing. However, the specifics of the testing are directly related to the changes in specific standards that the product was previously tested against. All products must be compliant to the latest requirements of RED by June 13, 2017.

RED "Declaration of Conformity" Documents

Gateways, Routers and Modems

Conduit 300 Series Gateway

Conduit Programmable IoT Gateway

Conduit IP67 Base Station

Conduit IP67 200 Series Base Station

mCard Gateway Accessory Card

Conduit AP Access Point

MultiConnect rCell 100 Series Cellular Router 

MultiConnect rCell 500 Series Cellular Router

MultiConnect Cell 100 Series Cellular Modem

MultiConnect eCell Cellular to Ethernet Bridge

MultiConnect microCell USB Cellular Modem

QuickCarrier USB-D Cellular Dongle

MultiConnect AW Analog-to-Wireless Converter

MultiConnect OCG-D Gateway

Embedded M2M Modems

Dragonfly Cellular Modem and SoM 

Dragonfly Nano Cellular Modem and SoM

xDot Secure, Long Range RF Module

mDot Long Range RF Module

SocketModem Cell Embedded Cellular Modem 


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