Enabling successful implementation of large-scale IoT programs by reducing technical risk and shortening time to market


Program Overview

MultiTech Masters partners provide valuable design, development and integration assistance, as well as project management and other value added services. 

  • Create a qualified and aligned ecosystem of partners with IoT connected technology competency and complementary expertise
  • Reduce technical risk and shorten time to market
  • Enable customers to successfully implement large scale IoT programs


Meet Our Masters

  •   (USA)
    Optimal Design is an innovation and technology firm providing services for connected products.  From strategy to product launch, we are built to help clients move faster and become more profitable.
  •   (USA)
    Specializing in IoT hardware, software, and analytics solutions ("digital twins") to simplify real-time asset management and provide high-fidelity forecasts into the future.


  •   (USA)
    Leverage the latest in IoT technologies through app development and the services industry to create powerful, meaningful solutions for companies communities and individuals globally.


  • CD_Logo_Color_wo_Tag_1000px_PNG (002).pn  (USA)
    Services including consulting, embedded hardware and software design, custom RF and antenna design, certification and cloud integration.  


  • Home (Finland)
    A leading European provider of R&D services for embedded systems & IoT, test systems and industrial Internet applications for industrial, telecom, medical and defense technology sectors.


  •   (France)
    Since 2008, an independent telecom software vendor (ISV) & Internet of Things solution provider designing CommonSense, a generic IoT CLOUD platform, enabling enterprise applications with a focus on Energy & SmartCity/building service providers and equipment manufacturers.


Master Partner Benefits

  • Co-Marketing     
  • Business Development
  • Opportunity Referrals


Masters Qualification Criteria

Integrators are selected based on proven success designing devices and applications using MultiTech technology, and the ability to deliver a set of complementary skills and industry expertise. Selection criteria includes hardware, software and mechanical integration skills as well as expertise in design, prototyping, certification and manufacture of IoT devices.


Need Masters Assistance with Your IoT Implementation or Interesting in Applying to be a Master?

Contact: 888-288-5470 or (763) 885-3500

Discover Sensors Powered by MultiTech


More than 25 Million MultiTech devices can be found across industries all over the world. Whatever your application, there is a MultiTech product to enable your solution. 


Whether you’re running a local utility or delivering fuel from the source, MultiTech equipment helps keep you connected to your assets to facilitate:

  • Tank and pipeline monitoring
  • Automated meter reading
  • Dynamic demand response
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Emergency alerts


Transportation and Logistics

When you're moving high-value assets around the globe, using multiple modes of transportation, you are likely to need a variety of communications technologies to understand both the state and location of your goods, wherever they may be on their journey. 


Smart Buildings

In today’s global economy, companies are facing new challenges when it comes to managing remote offices, shops, factories and more. With the growth of cloud-based services, intelligence at the device level is crucial for applications powering enterprise IoT solutions.

  • Wireless failover
  • Wireline replacement
  • Parallel networking
  • Remote equipment management and control
  • Facility automation
  • Secure data transfer


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MultiTech enables medical equipment from defibrillators to hospital equipment to home care devices for improved:

  • Equipment maintenance and reliability
  • Patient compliance
  • Chronic disease management
  • Quality of care
  • Quality of life 



From local growers to heavy equipment manufacturers to irrigation systems suppliers, MultiTech devices can be found on farms around the world, improving both yield and efficiency by monitoring:

  • Soil moisture and nutrient content
  • Animal activity and location
  • Building temperature, humidity and air quality
  • Feed systems
  • Water usage
  • Equipment health

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