One of the major controllable cost categories associated with oil and gas production is operational connectivity and visibility. This covers a wide range of inputs from human assets performing field data capture to remotely monitoring, controlling, and optimizing processes at single and multi-well pads, midstream facilities, and pipelines.

One thing common among all those items is that to be controlled and optimized, they have to be monitored. That's where IoT applications for oil and gas production come into play.

Greenfield activity has been exciting and well-funded, but legacy production operations that are decades old are laden with equipment that may have never been connected. This situation has the potential to expose operators to an increased level of human intervention (putting eyes on the well frequently), mitigating environmental catastrophes (leaks/spills), theft, and operational outages due to electrical or mechanical failures.

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Integrating IoT Into Each Segment of Oil & Gas Production

The Oil & Gas (O&G) market consist of several sub-segments, all of which are currently experiencing growth. These segments are all opportunities for MultiTech equipment to help connect your assets:


The upstream segment of oil and gas production includes surveying, mining and drilling of resources. In short, it’s what gets the product out of the ground. IoT applications like well site gateways and worker computers help monitor the status of pumps and provide historical data that helps track equipment maintenance information. 


Midstream connects Upstream and Downstream oil and gas production. It encompasses the transportation of product through pipeline, rail, ships and intermediate processing. The potential in IoT for Midstream O&G lies in optimizing transportation by monitoring the movement of product. MultiTech has helped equip Midstream production with sensors that provide real-time data and alert workers in the event of leaks. 


Industrial users of hydrocarbon product to make consumables. These are generally part of large processing complexes. Oil and gas are commodities that face great market volatility. Integrating IoT through tank sensors can help distributors get a better feel for their product’s supply, minimizing cost and maximizing efficiency.


Chevron: Tank Monitoring in the Oil Field

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AIA: Enabling Remote Access Monitoring in the Oil and Gas Industry

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MultiConnect® rCell 100 Series

Cellular Routers

The MultiConnect® rCell 100 series of industrial cellular routers supports multiple cellular technologies, is certified by the major carriers, and has a durable design and a long stable lifecycle. In addition, its complimentary remote device management platform lowers the total cost of ownership. 


MultiConnect® Cell 100 Series

Cellular Modems for IoT

MultiConnect® Cell 100 Series cellular modems (MTC Series) support 4G-LTE (Cat 4 and Cat M1) technologies, are carrier approved, and fully certified for deployment in multiple geographies around the world. Designed specifically for M2M applications, they provide a long and stable lifecycle. In addition to being durable/reliable, they offer multiple interface options for both fixed and mobile assets.


MultiTech Dragonfly™

Cellular Embedded Modem and System-on-Module (SoM)

The Dragonfly™ cellular embedded modems and SoMs are fully certified and MNO approved, ready-to-integrate modules that offer developers the functionality of a programmable computing platform with the convenience of an onboard cellular radio all in one compact design. From a software perspective, Dragonfly is compatible with the Arm® Mbed™ programming platform allowing for rapid prototyping, development and deployment. With its integrated Cortex®-M4 processor, developers can host their application and have access to a full suite of interfaces for connecting sensors or other remote assets.


MultiTech Conduit®

Programmable LoRa® Gateway for the Internet of Things

The Conduit® (MTCDT Series) is the industry’s most configurable, manageable, and scalable LoRa gateway for industrial IoT applications. This indoor industrial gateway, ideal for environments that require metal casing for protection against particles and debris and require an industrial temperature range.


MultiConnect® eCell 
Private LTE CBRS OnGo Cat 12 Cellular to Ethernet Bridge 

MultiConnect® eCell cellular to Ethernet bridge makes adding private LTE connectivity to existing wired assets quick and easy. Providing primary or secondary (wireless failover) network access to vending machines, kiosks, digital signs, ATM machines and countless other fixed assets that require reliable, always-on connectivity. With LTE Cat 12 CBRS OnGo shared wireless spectrum, there’s no need to sacrifice bandwidth when switching between cellular and Ethernet. LEARN MORE & SHOP

MultiConnect® microCell 
Private LTE Cat 6 CBRS OnGo USB Cellular Modem

The MultiConnect® microCell USB cellular modem is a compact, low-cost connectivity solution for private networks, neutral host and fixed wireless networks. LEARN MORE & SHOP

MultiConnect® rCell 600 Series 
Private LTE CBRS OnGo Cat 12 Industrial Cellular Router

MultiConnect® rCell 600 Series industrial cellular router is optimized for secure M2M (machine-to-machine)/Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The robust Ethernet or serial network interface platform is ready to deploy. The intuitive user interface and free cloud device management (no recurrent monthly fees) allows for quick configuration and over-the-air upgrades. The MultiConnect rCell 600 Series is an easy to configure LTE broadband wireless and Ethernet router, boasting up to 128 concurrent Wi-Fi connections, configurable serial port able to control IT assets and communicate with industrial appliances. LEARN MORE

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