More than 25 Million MultiTech devices can be found across industries all over the world. Whatever your application, there is a MultiTech product to enable your solution. 





Oil & Gas

One of the major controllable cost categories associated with oil and gas production is  operational connectivity and visibility. Thankfully, MultiTech offers a choice of industrial communications devices to help. Learn more.





Integrating IoT devices across distribution networks lets utilities connect the dots in real time so they can make better-informed decisions that lead to sustainable growth, smarter spending, and a better service for their customers. Learn more.




Facilities Management

Maintaining a comfortable, safe and healthy environment requires many systems to work seamlessly together. From monitoring HVAC to lighting to access control, MultiTech has the devices you need to optimize your energy consumption, cleaning service and more. 



Video Surveillance

With broadband cellular access, including Private LTE, MultiTech makes connecting cameras simple and affordable while supporting high speed video streaming for real-time security.






MultiTech enables connected railways with industrial communications hardware to help monitor car condition and location, track health, brake handling and temperature, door and loading status, wayside and crossing status and signaling -- to help trains and their freight arrive safely, reliably and on time.



Maritime Shipping

Pair LoRaWAN technology with shipboard systems to enable container tracking and more -- even at sea. Shipwide sensor networks leverage the onboard intelligence of MultiTech gateways for alarming and response, and can store and forward information from travel time over less costly networks when in port.



Cold Chain

Temperature is critical for food safety and a variety of pharmaceuticals and other medical and lab supplies. MultiTech can connect coolers, refrigerators, air conditioners and even refrigerated trucks to ensure safe delivery to healthcare and foodservice operations.