Embedded Serial to Bluetooth Device Server
(MTS2BTSMI Series)

These devices are now End-of-Life. 

To assist you in finding the most suitable substitute product, contact your MultiTech sales representative. 


The SocketWireless® Bluetooth® delivers secure, short-range wireless connections between a host and peripheral device. Bluetooth offers low cost, serial-to-wireless cable replacement that links computers and mobile devices, making it ideal for delivery trucks, emergency vehicles, home healthcare devices and outdoor signage. Universal Socket design allows for easy migration to future networks.

The Universal Socket Developer's Kit allows you to plug in the communications device and use it for testing, programming and evaluation. Contact your local MultiTech distributor or sales representative for complete details.


  • Eliminate costs related to running serial cabling
  • Easy integration and migration to future networks


  • Class 1 Bluetooth V2.0 compliant module with a maximum range of 100 meters (330 feet)
  • Universal Socket
  • Supports point-to-point and multi-point communications

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