SocketModem® IP

Intelligent Modem + Internet Applications
(MTxxxxSMI-IP Series)

These devices are now End-of-Life. 


The SocketModem® IP intelligent modem creates Internet-ready devices by integrating modem functionality and a complete TCP/IP protocol stack for enhanced M2M connectivity. The SocketModem IP Internet enables any device, including home appliances, ATM/POS terminals and security systems without connecting to a PC or gateway server.

Looking to migrate to a cellular solution? If so, MultiTech provides devices that leverage the latest in industrial IoT cellular technology to address the needs of today’s most important applications. We can help transition from legacy network technology to the network technology that promises to carry applications through the next 20 years. Our cellular IoT products are designed to ensure the quickest route-to-market with a minimum of development time and expense.

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