SocketModem® iCell

Intelligent Cellular Modems with GPS (MTSMC-x-IP Series)

These devices are now End-of-Life. 

To assist you in finding the most suitable substitute product, contact your MultiTech sales representative or see our complete line of embedded modems.


The SocketModem® iCell intelligent cellular modems add wireless communication and GPS tracking for remote device tracking, monitoring and reporting. Universal Socket Connectivity lets you use one system design and populate it with a variety of connectivity options to assure a seamless migration to future technologies. The SocketModem iCell includes an intelligent Universal IP® stack to allow for a common set of AT commands for TCP/IP functionality and automatic/persistent connectivity for enhanced M2M functionality.

The Universal Socket Developer’s Kit allows you to plug in the communications device and use it for testing, programming and evaluation. Contact your local MultiTech distributor or sales representative for complete details.


  • Extends the life of legacy equipment to save time and money
  • Approved by carriers and regulatory agencies as an end device saving customers time, money, and protection from the risks associated with pursuing their own certifications
  • Ensures Internet connectivity and easy migration to future networks
  • Remote device management from a central location


  • Intelligent Universal IP stack
  • GPS tracking capability (-GP models)

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