MultiTech Reveal™ Wireless Industrial Sensors

Measure with Precision

The MultiTech Reveal™ Sensors, originally designed and manufactured by recently acquired Radio Bridge, are long-range wireless sensors for the Internet of Things (IoT) that utilize the LoRaWAN® wireless standard and are all engineered for long-range, low cost, and extended battery life applications.

The MultiTech Reveal sensors are designed with an open architecture for flexible integration, and an optional web-based console for provisioning, monitoring, and configuration of the sensors in the field. Custom design is also available with the goal of achieving seamless sensor-to-cloud solutions for a variety of applications. With the addition of the new sensor line MultiTech is now able to provide everything from sensors, to embedded communications devices, modems and gateways, cloud connectivity and device management services – as well as custom design and application development.

The Reveal Wireless Voltage Sensor measures voltages between 0-30V with 10mV precision.  When the voltage rises above or drops below a threshold, an alert is sent over the wireless network. Voltage sensors can be used in a number of applications such as monitoring battery health, power failure detection, load detection, fault detection and on motors. 

The Reveal Wireless 4-20mA Current Loop Sensor can measure the current from another device or sensor. It uses a 10-bit ADC to measure an analog value between 4 and 20mA with a 10uA resolution.  If the measured value rises above or fails below the configured thresholds, an alert is sent over the wireless network. The weather-proof enclosure makes the sensor suitable for outdoor and industrial use. The 4-20mA sensor can also be used as a bridge device to enable a wide variety of sensors with only a 4-20mA output. Other applications include industrial process control, control valves and machinery monitoring. 

The Reveal Wireless Vibration analysis and condition monitoring sensor solution provides advanced predictive maintenance capabilities for rotating machines and other equipment. Continuous 24/7 monitoring of your assets will detect early signs of wear and warn you before a failure occurs, saving you downtime and expensive repairs. 

Vibration monitoring starts at the source - your vibration sensors. These IoT devices begin the process by collecting data and sending it to LoRaWAN gateways located on-site with sensors. These gateways relay the data to the Radio Bridge Console located in the cloud, and you receive an immediate notification if a maintenance issue has been detected. 

The vibration sensor can be used for simple motor on/off functionality, or vibration analysis utilizing ISO standards such as ISO 10816.  The high frequencies are used for more advanced analysis not specified in ISO standards. 

Radio Bridge Console
The web-based, fully integrated Radio Bridge Console is designed for automatic provisioning, monitoring, and configuration of sensors in the field. It also provides visualizations and advanced notification features that allow for full sensor-to-cloud solutions.


  • Motor failure detection (loss of vibration)
  • Glass break detection
  • Security applications
  • General vibration and shock sensing



  • Open architecture for flexible integration
  • Optional web-based console for provisioning, monitoring, and configuration of sensors in the field
  • Seamlessly integrate with MultiTech portfolio of LoRaWAN gateways


  • Based on LoRaWAN wireless technology
  • Very long range, up to several miles
  • Excellent wireless penetration through structures such as walls and floors
  • Enclosure tamper detection
  • Automatic error reporting through supervisory messages
  • Over the air configuration

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