MultiTech OneBox™ Kits

Smart Building Kit provides everything you need to quickly evaluate LoRaWAN technology and gain insights from sensor to cloud.

MultiTech OneBox™ Smart Building starter kit gets you up and running in minutes using LoRaWAN® technology and wireless sensing. Each OneBox kit includes a tailored set of LoRa® enabled Radio Bridge LoRaWAN wireless sensors and an easy-to-deploy Conduit® AP indoor gateway for LoRaWAN to achieve insight from smart building wireless sensors to the cloud, regardless of the application. Paired with a fully integrated device management console, this smart building kit provides automatic provisioning, monitoring, and configuration, as well as data visualization and notifications for immediate access to critical information to enable better business decision-making. Developing and deploying LoRaWAN solutions for building applications just got a whole lot easier with OneBox.


  • Easy technology evaluation
  • Fast track proof of value
  • Immediate actionable data
  • Simple scalability with a vendor you can trust


  • LoRa® enabled wireless sensors
  • Easy-to-deploy Conduit® AP gateway for LoRaWAN, tailored for in-building deployment
  • Active SIM for cellular backhaul
  • Access to Console, a fully integrated device management console for the automatic provisioning, monitoring, and configuration of sensors in the field as well as visualizations and advanced notification features.
  • Two-year warranty, upgradeable to five years

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OneBox™ Smart Building
Enable Quick Evaluation of LoRaWAN Technology for Smart Building Applications

Smart Building Kit includes 915 MHz LTE Cat 1 Access Point, Sensors and Accessories

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