Multiport Analog Modem Card (ISI Series)

These devices are now End-of-Life.  

The MultiModem® ISI modem card delivers dial-up remote access or can be used as a dedicated fax server. It provides four or eight built-in high-speed modems for low-cost, high-density, server-based remote access. The MultiModem ISI integrates into legacy equipment, making it ideal for companies that build and maintain their own servers.


  • Supports remote access and fax software
  • Reduces fax transmission time by more than half compared to traditional fax modems
  • Provides wide area network connectivity to and from locally connected Bluetooth devices


  • Integrated V.92/56K modems
  • V.34/33.6K Super G3 fax with Error Correction Mode
  • Universal PCI and PCI Express

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