Open Communications Gateway: Embedded Cellular Modem
(MT100EOCG Series)

These devices are now End-of-Life. 

To assist you in finding the most suitable substitute product, contact your MultiTech sales representative. 


The MultiConnect® OCG-E embedded open communications gateway does it all by combining an open Linux development environment, fully certified 3G cellular modem and multiple interfaces to provide the quickest and most cost-effective path to enabling wireless M2M communications.

The fully certified hardware includes multiple interfaces and internal peripherals enabling applications to be embedded directly into existing equipment. The operating system comes equipped with onboard processor and onboard upgradeable memory. Ideal for small-scale deployments and proof of concept, the MultiConnect OCG-E is a great fit for companies who need to create custom applications in a short period of time.

Developer Support & Resources

Advanced developer support and resources available at


  • Create custom Linux code for application
  • Host application onsite on existing hardware platform
  • Cross-compile Linux build environment


  • Open source Linux platform
  • Onboard upgradeable memory and processing capabilities (400 MHz ARM9)
  • 80-pin board-to-board connector with multiple interfaces available (serial, USB host and device, Ethernet and more)

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