Open Communications Gateways - Device (MTCDP Series)

These devices are now End-of-Life. 

To assist you in finding the most suitable substitute product, contact your MultiTech sales representative. 


The MultiConnect® OCG-D open communications gateway performs like a mini industrial computer that you can plug directly into existing applications. The Linux-based open source software allows you to develop and deploy custom applications in a short period of time. The MultiConnect OCG-D is ready to integrate right out of the box, and is great for beta and small-scale deployments, and proof of concept.


  • Advanced developer support available
  • Established developer community available at
  • Two-year warranty

Development Kit

Developer Kits Include: Modem with GPS receiver, universal power supply, GSM/GPS antenna, GPIO cable, Ethernet cable, RS-232 cable, compact flash, USB cables, DVD, and screwdriver.


  • Cost-effective alternative to custom manufacturing


  • Open Linux development environment and fully certified hardware
  • Includes GPS and cellular modem
  • Multiple interfaces available (serial, USB, Ethernet)

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